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Signs That Your Best Friend Is Your Soul Mate

Signs That Your Best Friend Is Your Soul Mate

Alannah Murray

It can be a task and a half trying to find a soul mate within your lifetime, but what you may not know is that you have already found them and they could be right under your nose. Marriage is technically like a life-long friendship contract. So, your best friend may just be the soul mate you have been looking for without the romantic complications.

Here are some signs that your best friend is your soul mate…

1. Secrets don’t exist with you two. 

“But you can’t tell anyone” Of course that person doesn’t know that your best friend does not fit into that list of ‘anyone’. If you have a secret, whether it is yours or not, however big or small, your best friend will definitely know ASAP. 

2. Inside jokes, basically your own language at this point. 

Ever get stuck in that fit of giggles with your best friend and no one around you understands why the hell you’re laughing? That’s because no one else can possibly attempt to comprehend the very long list of inside jokes that you two have built up over the years. It’s close to being another language. 

3. You don’t judge each other on past mishaps. 

Sure, you can take the mickey out of them from time to time, but when it comes to the more serious mistakes there will be no judging from either one of you. Basically you both know where the line is. 

4. Boundaries, be gone

You are completely comfortable with one and other, boundaries just aren’t a thing at all. You don’t mind getting changed in front of them, no more running to the bathroom to get into pj’s. There’s just zero awkwardness.

5. You don’t compete. 

They say the secret to a good friendship is the same taste in drink and different taste in men. So you two have it sorted, you don’t fight each other over boys, it’s just an absolute no-no. The friendship is more important. 

6. You can hang out and do practically nothing. 

There is no such thing as wasted time with your best friend, even if you spent the whole time on your phones doing nothing. It will still count as hanging out.

7. You can be completely honest. 

A best friend wouldn’t let the other go out in a dress that fits her in all the wrong ways. Even at the expense of some feelings. You can be honest with each about what you really think, without anyone getting actually hurt. 

8. You can spend time apart and nothing will change. 

In fact you and your best friend need time apart sometimes, just like everyone else does, but when you come back together nothing has changed.

9. You know how to cheer them up, in any situation.

You will know whether it is a tea and a chat type thing and tell me everything, or a let’s eat all the chocolate EVER type scenario and pretend like it didn’t happen. Either way, you will always know what’s best for your bestie.

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10. You’re each other’s wing women.

The guy in the corner is staring at you? Not a problem, your bestie has you sorted. She’ll leave if needs be, or come back to save you if he turns out to be creepy. 

Having a bestie who gets you on every level and who truly has your back is a very special thing. Make sure that you nurture it and never take it for granted.

Did any of these signs make you think of your bestie? Do you think your best friend is your soul mate? Let us know in the comments below!

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