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Staying Motivated And Positive During A Winter Lockdown

Staying Motivated And Positive During A Winter Lockdown

Sophie Coffey

We know that the dark and dreary winter evenings can be miserable at the best of times, and these are not necessarily what we would immediately refer to as the best of times! So, if you are finding that staying motivated and keeping positive is that bit harder right now, we promise you are not alone. Around this approximate mid-point in the Lockdown it is natural to be feeling in a bit of slump or even just fed-up.

If you are looking for some ways to stay positive and motivated during these testing times then we have the tips for you!

Permanent positivity is impossible

Keeping your chin up and trying to stay positive is one thing. Attempting to maintain a manic air of permanently upbeat optimism? That is another thing entirely and it is simply not sustainable. There is no doubt that focussing on the negatives will make things even harder. Equally exerting all of your energy into maintaining a constantly positive perspective can be draining over time. We absolutely recommend trying to stay positive but we also advise that you give yourself a break sometimes.

Find something to look forward to

Okay, so fair enough our normal list of things to look forward or activities to get involved in are not exactly in reach at the moment! But, there are other things you can do while stuck indoors. Find something to occupy yourself with, such as a new tv series or book. We have some great recommendations. This way, when those dark evenings do come around you can curl up with something you love and keep your mind occupied.

Tick off that to-do list!

I love a good to-do list! Even if I don’t complete all of them (or start some of them for that matter!), preparing and planning in this way can really aid motivation and productivity. Breaking your duties down into achievable tasks can help you focus and provide purpose. There is also the added satisfaction of being able to tick things off your list as you complete them! However, be careful to use these as guides and not constraints that will only increase pressure.

Focus on your own actions

There is no doubt that it is incredibly frustrating to watch people flout lockdown rules but unfortunately you will never be able to control their actions. Focus on all of the steps that you are taking including keeping your distance and wearing a mask. It is these individual, responsible actions that will help us emerge from this global crisis. Despite knowing this in theory it can still be tricky when your social media feed is full of people ignoring the guidelines so check out our article on dealing with friends ignoring COVID-19 restrictions.

Cut the comparisons

Social media has brilliantly enabled us to stay connected during this crisis. However, the power of these digital platforms have also had some negative impacts. Instagram comparisons are often used to reference entirely unrealistic body and lifestyle expectations. Unfortunately these themes are still prevalent but the social media mirror is now warping other expectations and pressures too. Watching others demonstrate the amazing feats they claim to have achieved during lockdown can be demoralizing. 

Everyone around you might appear to be thriving but most of them are probably finding lockdown just as tough. Keep in mind that regardless of what else is going on in the world, social media will always be a compilation of the apparent “highlights” of our lives.

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Keep in contact

It is definitely harder to stay in touch with friends and family while under Level 5 restrictions. But finding ways to keep in contact can have a hugely positive impact on our mental health. We might be sick of Zoom quizzes but arranging video calls with friends or socially distanced walks with family members, are great ways of staying connected. Check out our guide on how to be social whilst maintaining a social distance.

You do not have to be a productive

This is a global health crisis, not some elite and expensive boarding school aimed to increase your productivity in five weeks. We are teenagers and young adults in the midst of a global crisis. Regardless of what some social media accounts will tell you it is not a negative reflection on you if you do not run a 10k before 6am every morning. There is no need for you to come out of this with a new language, skillset and body shape.

Emerging from this with your mental and physical shape in the best place possible is all that anyone can ask of you. More importantly it is all that you can demand of yourself.

How are you keeping your spirits up during Level 5?

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