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The Best Hidden Debs Dress Shops of Ireland

The Best Hidden Debs Dress Shops of Ireland

Alannah Murray
The Best Hidden Debs Dress Shops of Ireland
Image via Folkster

Buying a debs dress can be a stressful ordeal, not to mention expensive. Travelling out to all the debs dress shops can also be a hassle. However, there are some hidden gems lurking around. So we’ve taken the effort out and put together a comprehensive list that should help you decide where to visit!

Here’s some of the best hidden debs dress shops in Ireland…

Pamela Scott’s

On the top of Grafton Street there is a small shop called Pamela Scott’s. On first glance it seems like a classy old woman shop but downstairs there is a wide range of great dresses with brilliant styles and great colours. Their staff are seriously helpful, will get dresses for you and help you try them on not to mention give you the right shoes or bra to help you along.  

Pamela Scott has a few locations around Ireland, you can find your nearest one here.


Located in temple bar on Eustace Street, it may seem small and not like the type of place you would get a debs dress but once you walk into the back of the shop there is an entire room with beautifully colour-coded dresses. They range from prices of 80 – 200 euro and the staff are more than happy to help you with zips and all the rest. 

(There’s also a Folkster in Kilkenny).


Siopaella, roughly translated into ‘another shop’ sits in two shops on Cecilia street in temple bar right next to the ark. With its designer exchange reputation you may be a little frightened but after a look you can find some seriously amazing vintage dresses for seriously cheap prices. Ranging from prices of 25 – 150ish euro they are cute different and one of a kind. 

SVP Vincent’s George Street

The Vincent’s on George’s Street has a gorgeous vintage rack filled to the brim with pre-loved dresses that are perfect for the debs. Don’t have preconceptions over the second-hand shop, the dresses are steamed and handled with care and can be cheap as chips. So, you are saving money and the environment. 

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Runaway Bride

Located in Wexford Town, Runaway Bride is the place to go if you’re looking for a unique debs dress! Think glitz and glamour! Looking for a dress that sways from the traditional norm? Runaway Bride is the place for you! It’s easy to find, just off the main street in Wexford!

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Are there any other debs dress shops Ireland that we should add to our list?

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