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5 Tips To Get The Best Debs Photos Imaginable!

5 Tips To Get The Best Debs Photos Imaginable!

Jessie Bennett

With Debs season in full swing, we here at Missy have been looking into what makes a great photo! Posing for photos is a love/hate thing, some people are naturals and others need a bit of help!

Let’s be honest, it’s all about the pose and making the most your angles… Follow these tips for fab Debs photos!


1. Smize

If you’re an America’s Next Top Model fan you’ll know all about “smizing”. For those of you who don’t know what we mean when we say smize, it’s time to channel your inner Tyra Banks! Smize = smiling with your eyes. Look in a mirror and smile, see how you kind of squint and the corners of your eyes go up? Now try replicate this even when your mouth isn’t in a smiling position. This helps to give your face a good shape. Your Debs photos will look bomb with this little trick!


2. Contour

Seeing as you’ll probably have no control over the lighting at your Debs venue, or at pre-debs events, contour your face to create false shadows. Contouring involves using darker tones to sculpt out your cheekbones, forehead, nose, and neckline. Use lighter tones in areas where light will naturally hit i.e. under your eyes, centre of forehead, bridge of your nose, and just above your jawline. Make sure you blend like crazy and set with powder for a natural look that stays put!


3. Stand Up Straight

Good posture makes a photo! Stand up straight to accentuate your body, and show off your outfit in all it’s glory. Standing straight also gives you a confident look.


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4. Ditch The Awkward “Debs” Pose

You know the one… Your granny probably has a few of these photos hanging in her house of your cousins or older siblings. It really isn’t a great look and screams AWKWARD! You can be posing with your best friend in the whole world but somehow that dodgy hand holding pose will make you look like strangers forced into some kind of social experiment! If you’re getting a professional debs photo, let the photographer know that thats not the look you’re going for. Instead, take a more relaxed approach. Lean into your date at a 45 degree angle to accentuate your body, tilt your head down so your chin is slightly aimed to the floor (not too much or you’ll form a double chin in the photo), smile naturally, and hold hands in a natural way.


5. Get Candid

Sometimes no matter how hard we pose or what makeup we wear, candid photos just look better. Ask your mam/dad/cousin to try get some candid snaps of you getting ready, or you and your date in the house before you leave. At the actual debs, see if you and a couple of friends can make a deal to snap a few candid shots on your phones throughout the night! You’ll be grateful for the natural shots in years to come!

Have you any tips for taking Debs photos?

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