The Best Lip Balms To Help Your Lips Survive Winter

Chapped lips are never a good look and they’re sore as hell.
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Chapped lips are never a good look and they’re sore as hell. Here are the best lip balms to help your lips survive winter.


the all rounder


Looking for something that helps keep chapped lips at bay, but also offers a hint of colour and isn’t too expensive because let’s be honest – you’ll probably lose and find it a million times? Enter Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm. 

You can’t go wrong with this one and it’s widely available nationwide in pharmacies and supermarkets.


best for coldsore sufferers


I’ve never had a coldsore (please God don’t curse me with one now!) but my mam has always suffered from them. She swears that since she started using Dr. Paw Paw a few years ago she hasn’t had a coldsore since. A big claim, I know. But you know if it’s Irish mammy approved it must be good!

She puts it on every night before bed and says it’s the best.


a real lip treat


You can get more luxurious than this Lip Butter from The Body Shop.

It’s seriously moisturising and tastes delicious too! It’s the best lip balm to apply before bed to wake up with super soft lips.


the natural one

This used to be so hard to get in Ireland! A cult-favourite in the US for a reason, the EOS lip balm is moisturising without being sticky or annoying. 

It comes in lots of different flavours, but I just love the mint one – it’s very refreshing and comforting.


the treat yo'self one


Unlike most lip balms, Pro Kiss’r has an ultra plush doe-foot applicator that treats lips to an addictively luxe experience with every swipe. Made with rich yet non-greasy shea and mango seed butters, this lip balm soothes and nourishes while making lips instantly softer, smoother, and ready for lipstick application. Plus, the non-sticky formula delivers a universal invisipink sheen, with a light peach-vanilla scent you just can’t get enough of.


the award winning one


This Australian brand has won lots of awards globally.

It’s lemon flavouring is also pretty delightful!


the budget one


You can’t really go wrong with this one! It’s cheap, it does the job, you won’t cry when you lose it!


best overall lip balm


I was told that this was the bees knees (lol) by a Beauty Buyer with almost 2 decades worth of experience. She ONLY uses this.

It’s a bit more expensive than other lip balms, but it lasts longer on the lips and is way more soothing.


the blogger approved one


One lip balm that I see recommended time and time again by bloggers and in YouTube videos is the Nuxe Baume Levres Reve De Miel – Honey Lip Balm.


my personal favourite


My number one lip balm for years now is the Rose co. I HAVE to stock up on it in Sephora every time I’m in the US. 

Why am I telling you about something that you can only buy in the US? Well, it’s the best, and I also randomly came across it in an Irish pharmacy a few years ago, but then it disappeared. If anyone knows where to buy it in Ireland please help a gal out and let me know!

If you’re lucky enough to be heading State-side pick one up. It last for ages, feels lovely on the lips (not sticky) and is really moisturising.

What’s your favourite lip balm?

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