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The Impact Salons Reopening Have Had On Our Mental Health And Self-Esteem

The Impact Salons Reopening Have Had On Our Mental Health And Self-Esteem

Róisín Lynch

A lot of us our walking around with a pep in our step the past few weeks. The reason for this? The salons reopening!

No one ever expected to live in a world where they would have to go 6 months without being able to get their hair or nails done. Unfortunately this was the reality we were faced with the past year.

Now in the grand scheme of things not being able to get your hair cut and blow dried isn’t that big of a deal; something of a champagne problem you could say. However, the effects of your touch up extend far beyond the time spent getting your treatment done.

While getting my own hair done last week, my hair dresser told me that he had a few clients who shed actual tears of joy sitting back in the salon chair. That coupled with my own sense of euphoria after my new hair was revealed, really highlighted to me just how much of an impact trips to the salon have on our mental health, confidence and self-esteem.

You feel good about yourself

The main reason a trip to the salon has such a huge impact on your self-esteem and mental health is quite simple, it makes you feel good about yourself. Feeling good and confident in yourself is an amazing feeling and this is why we were all so excited to be able get to see our hairdressers and beauticians again.

When you feel good about yourself, you mood improves and you feel more energised. While it is important to feel good about yourself without acrylic  nails and HD brows, there is no denying they make you feel like you can conquer anything. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that! After a trip to the salon you look in the mirror and feel good about yourself. This boosts everything from your confidence to your self-esteem!

When you feel good, you perform good 

There is no denying the effects trips to salons have on our confidence. I always found in school I wrote better with my nails painted. I can’t tell you the science behind it but I’m pretty sure it has to do with the boost of confidence having my nails painted gave me.

The same goes for how we approach life after walking out of the salon doors. Confidence is a powerful thing. Being confident in yourself is a huge part of living a successful life. New hair styles, long lashes and eye brow tints all make us feel good about ourselves, and this has a huge impact on our self-confidence.

Doing things to improve your confidence is never a bad thing, so if that’s a new hairstyle or fresh brows, then keep booking those appointments!

Many of us identify with the person we see in the salon mirror 

And that is a-ok! While it is important to love yourself from the inside out, doing things to enhance your natural beauty is the icing on the cake.

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We identify with who we see in the mirror staring back and us and when we get in to a routine of getting certain treatments done, it naturally becomes part of our identity. That is why so many people struggled, myself included, with watching roots grow out, eyebrow tints fading and having to deal with bare nails for the past year on and off.

They impact your confidence and your mood and this is why when they begin to fade and there is no salon open to get the work re-done ,it leaves us feeling a little deflated and less confident, naturally.

So let’s all just say a little hallelujah to having our salon doors open again. Hopefully for good this time!

Have you noticed the impact being able to go back to the salon has had on your mental health and self-esteem?

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