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The Power Of No Commitment Days! The Latest Self Care Practice

The Power Of No Commitment Days! The Latest Self Care Practice

Róisín Lynch

Self-care is a big topic of conversation. We can imagine it is in large part due to the amount of time we have had in and out of Lockdown the past year that has allowed us to practice it more than we usual would have.

Previously we have shared many self-care rituals here on Everything from face masks to meditation. There’s a new self-care ritual becoming popular at the moment; no commitment days! You can sign me up to that one!

So what are no- commitment days exactly?

A no commitment day is exactly what it says on the tin. It is a day where you make no plans, meetings, appointments whatsoever. It is a day for you to just gather yourself, unwind from the week you have had and just take time to be by yourself.

No commitment days are incredibly important now more than ever as we are exiting lockdown and life is picking up a bit more pace. During lockdown we learnt the importance of down time and had the time to prioritise self-care. As we leave lockdown it is easy to forget all that we were getting good at and rush back in to the old ways of life, pre-lockdown.

No commitment days are a great way of giving yourself the same time and attention you did during lockdown while also allowing you to readjust to life the way it used to be. A win-win!

Make Your No Commitment Day Unique To You

Everyone will have a different idea of what they want their no commitment day to look like. Whether you want to spend it watching Netflix, exercising, or doing a bit of cleaning and organising, it’s up to you!

The idea is that it gives you a day to prioritise yourself and unwind. Something that is very easy to put last on the priorities list when life becomes filled with school, work and commitments to friends.

Let’s not forget about ourselves now that we are coming out of lockdown!

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What Are The Benefits Of No Commitment Days?

As a no-commitment day is a form of self-care, you can expect similar benefits to other self-care rituals. You will feel more relaxed, positive and have a clearer mind. A no commitment day will give you the chance to think and reassess things that you otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity to when you are caught up with normal day to day life activities.

Do you find yourself feeling overwhelmed with commitments now that we are coming out of lockdown?

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