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These Nail Salons Are Doing Amazing Custom Stick On Nails To Apply At Home

These Nail Salons Are Doing Amazing Custom Stick On Nails To Apply At Home

Danielle Mahoney

How long has it been since you last got your nails done?

For me it’s been 12 long months. Now, I know that nails are not important in the grand scheme of what’s happened over the past year, but getting my nails done is a treat that I love to indulge in. It just makes me feel great when I have nice nails. After years of being a nail biter I take great pride in my nails now. And it’s also just so lovely to sit down and get your nails done, amirite?

The Past Year Has Been Hard For Nail Salons

My local nail salon sadly had to close permanently following the first Lockdown, and when salons did open up again I never got around to finding a new place before the subsequent Lockdowns.

A lot of nail salons have been struggling for the past year due to the Lockdowns, and as clearly seen with my local salon, not all of them have been able to survive.

I think it’s been really great to see some of the business ideas born out of the pandemic, but I did a little dance inside when I saw that some nail salons in Ireland have started doing custom stick on nails that come in a little pack so you can apply at home.

Not only are you getting beautiful designs, you also get to support these small businesses (who are mostly run by women) during these difficult times.

Here’s a few of the nail salons doing custom stick on nails that I’ve come across so far…

Peachy Nail Studio

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A post shared by Courtney Jade | Nail Artist (@peachynailstudio)

Peachy Nail Studio is a nail salon run by Courtney Jade in Cork. writer, Sorcha Kennedy, actually told me about Courtney Jade last year. On a few Zoom calls I was obsessed with Sorcha’s nails, which were done by Courtney Jade. I’ve been wanting to go down to Peachy Nail Studio in Cork so badly, but I obviously haven’t been able to. Plus it’s super hard to get an appointment with Courtney Jade, because she’s in so much demand her client list is regularly closed.

So, imagine my delight when I found out that Courtney Jade was doing custom stick on nails!!

Peachy Nail Studio have 6 designs available on their website, or you can choose a custom set of nails. I think I’m going to go with the Lilac & Pink Press On Nails!

All the ordering details and how to figure out sizes are on the website. All you have to do is pick a design!


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A post shared by Kate mythen (@nails_by__kate)

Kate is another nail technician who is selling amazing stick on nails. Kate is based in Wexford and during “normal” times she’s a firm favourite here at for all things nails. Just look at the nails she did for our Social Media Manager, Jessie, back when salons were open at Christmas!

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You can DM Kate on her Instagram to order nails and discuss designs.


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A post shared by | NAILS BY EVE | (@nails__byeve)

I saw someone on Instagram stories with custom stick on nails by Eve and it made me stop tapping through straight away – they were stunning!!

The hardest part about ordering from nails__byeve is definitely trying to pick one design for her to do.

If you have some nail inspo picks just send Eve a DM. A simple set costs £15. And it’s £20 for a detailed set. Eve also has offers if you’re buying 2 sets of nails,

Here’s hoping that nail salons and all the beauty salons around the country get to open up again soon, but in the meantime I’ll be busy admiring my stick on nails!

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