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Things To Consider Before Getting A Tattoo

Things To Consider Before Getting A Tattoo

Caoimhe Mahon

Getting a tattoo can be a really exciting experience and something to look forward to. 

However, before you take the plunge there are a few things to consider.

I spoke to Enea Adam, manager of Dublin based tattoo studio, Dublin Ink to hear first hand what should be considered before getting a tattoo.

Do your research

Thinking about a tattoo is one thing and getting one is something completely different. So, before you make a decision it is important that you do your research.

Consider styles, artists and tattoo studios before setting on one decision. You don’t have to make the decisions too quickly, instead take your time with it and ponder the research, so you can make an informed decision.

Enea could not emphasise the importance of research enough stating, “Tattoos are permanent, so you want to ensure you are getting the right piece with the right artist for you, be it a smaller or bigger design.”

Ask questions and trust your artist

You should ask as many questions as possible and get as many points of views as possible too. If you have friends or family members who have already gotten tattoos then ask around about their experiences. Everyone’s experience will differ and so you will get a well rounded point of view. 

Contact various tattoo artists and ask questions directly to them about the experience as well. Consider their styles and what they specialise in. 

It is a big decision and requires trust but Enea was very reassuring in conveying the support offered to you by the tattoo artist as she said, “Work with your artist and go with their recommendations, we understand that it is sometimes difficult to put your full trust with someone you just met, but know we are always working in your best interest in mind, so if we recommend a small change or going bigger with your design, listen to your artists, you won’t regret it.”

Think about placement

You should think about where you would like to get your tattoo very carefully. This may depend on how visible you would like it to be, the size you want it to be and how painful it might be in certain areas. 

You shouldn’t rush into tattoo placement; instead you should consider each position carefully, again asking for advice.

The importance of taking time to consider placement was once again reiterated by Enea who stated why you should, “Consider the size and placement as well. You might have a cool idea now, but it could potentially interfere with future plans, maybe you will want to get a sleeve someday or have a career change where visible tattoos are not permitted.”

Think about price

Initially, it can be daunting when pricing around for tattoos as you might not know what to expect and so you do not want to be overcharged

Therefore, it is best to research standard prices depending on size, placement and studio reputation. You might also want to ask around again to family or friends with tattoos to familiarise yourself with pricing.

Pricing can be tricky but as Enea states, ” A good tattoo might cost you that bit more, but with the right artist, it will end up looking amazing in the long run.”

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Think about meaning

You should not make a rash decision about why you want a tattoo or what it might mean. I remember talking to a friend before and she told me never to decide on a tattoo if you are really sad, agitated and even happy. You might change your mind quickly and live to regret it. Instead, think deeply about the tattoo’s meaning and ponder it for a while to consider what you might feel or think of when you look at the tattoo in years to come. 


What to consider on the day of your tattoo

Som you’ve booked the appointment and are about to get your tattoo. So what should we consider?

When we asked for the top tips Enea offered some great advice

  • Have a good night sleep
  • Do not turn up late or hungover
  • Make sure you’ve eaten and are well hydrated
  • Wear/bring appropriate clothes depending on the placement i.e. shorts
  • Avoid wearing white incase the ink stains the clothing

If you get a tattoo it can be really exciting, it can be the best accessory and something you love. However, before making a decision consider these simple steps above and you won’t regret your tattoo. 

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