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Vodafone X Are Offering Really Cool Online Courses To Students For Free

Vodafone X Are Offering Really Cool Online Courses To Students For Free

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Struggling to find something productive to do whilst you’re stuck at home? Well, why not spend this time learning about film, recording, coding or even how to start your own online business?
Vodafone X, Vodafone’s youth tariff, have announced that online courses with Level Up, the network’s up-skilling platform that provides physical and online experiences, is now FREE for everyone aged 18-25 on all mobile networks for the duration of the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Level Up with Vodafone X

Vodafone X are hoping to help young people in Ireland learn new skills and also keep themselves busy for the duration of the pandemic.
The platform is a resource for tools and materials to help students and young professionals learn something new, improve their skills and pursue a passion in areas including audio, photography, video, art and design, tech and entertainment arts.
Level Up is included at no extra cost as part of the Vodafone X student mobile plan and provides online courses to help students kick start their careers. The platform is now open to all 18 – 25-year olds, giving them access to expert knowledge so they can learn new skills and have fun at home while practicing social distancing.
Whether it’s sound engineering, photography or app development, Level Up has been designed to help aspiring musicians, designers, artists, photographers, entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts to progress in their chosen field.
Speaking on the announcement, Rachael Crawley, Youth Brand Manager from Vodafone commented:
“Vodafone is committed to helping young people fuel their future, and it’s now more important than ever that we show our support. Opening access of the platform to all students will allow more young people across the country to up-skill while spending time at home. This will give them the opportunity to unlock their creativity and kick-start their careers across a number of areas including business, technology and the arts.”

Course options include…

  • Editing with live sound online – Create a short video with real word sounds
  • Learn how young gurus engineers for Jay Z – An introduction for audio recording
  • Recording vocals like a pro – Nail recording techniques and acoustics
  • Film Scoring – Techniques for the modern recording
  • Feedback Recording Studio – Professional rehearsal suites with full backline and in room blackboards
  • Adobe Audition – Sound post production for film, documentary, interview & clips
  • Learn guitar online – 10 easy steps for learning guitar
  • Inside the studio – How music producers collaborate with artists
  • Fingerstyle Guitar – Intermediate level fingerpicking
  • Short Films 101 – Plan, capture and edit cinematic shorts
  • Cinematic Wedding Films – An online guide to wedding videography
  • Share your story – Shooting an epic ‘About’ video on your phone
  • The Art of photography – Defining your visual style
  • Minimalist Food photography – Capturing the beauty of raw food
  • Nature photography – Recharge and enjoy the outdoors online course
  • DSLR Photography II – Understanding lenses, focal length & shooting
  • DIY Cinematography – Make a video like a movie
  • Product Photography – Style and edit for stronger videos
  • Colour grading for Filmmaking – online course for vision, art and science
  • Design Digital Products – Art direction for web
  • Typographic logos – Typographic and lettering for logo design
  • Graphic Design Basic – Core principles for digital design
  • Icon do this online – course on iconography
  • Unlock your creativity – Learn to think like a designer
  • Digital Poster Designer – Combining images and types for powerful visuals
  • Acting Techniques Masterclass – learn 9 different techniques from 9 different masters
  • Singing like a Pro – Exercises to help find your voice
  • Commercial casting for actors – how to ace your next audition
  • Choreographic elements for all – Professional dance routines online
  • Voiceover masterclass – DIY guide to voice acting
  • How to win the internet – Writing sketch comedy
  • Art of start – Turning ideas into high-growth businesses
  • Going Freelance – building and branding your own success
  • Presentation Elements – How to share ideas that inspire actions
  • The staples of branding – From purpose to product
  • Creative small business essentials – ways to streamline your workflow
  • E-commerce essentials – How to start an online business successfully
  • The ultimate HTML developer course – Succeed as a web developer
  • Showcasing your work – How to create a portfolio online
  • Demystifying AI – Understanding machine learning
  • Mobile App Prototyping – Designing custom interactions
  • Programming graphics 101 – Introduction to generative arts
  • Modern CSS – Writing better, cleaner, more scalable code

To get involved, students can simply go to and request a code to unlock endless possibilities of courses and experiences. Students can showcase their new skills online by using the hashtag #VodafoneXLevelUp on Instagram or Twitter.
For more information on Level Up and to see the range of courses on offer visit

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