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What you should watch on Disney+ right now, based on your mood

What you should watch on Disney+ right now, based on your mood

Neasa Murphy

Ah Disney+, it’s everything you need. It’s full of childhood joy, colourful animation, and happy endings.  There’s only one problem with Disney+ …there are so many movies and TV shows to choose from! Are you struggling with this? Are you hot and bothered on the couch, scrolling up and down in a whirlwind of indecision? Are you wasting precious viewing time staring at the options wondering what you should watch? We thought you might be, so we put together a list of exactly what you should watch on Disney+ right now, based on your mood. Happy viewing.

Mood: I need a happy ending…

Disney+ choice: Beauty and the Beast

Sometimes you just need to see some brave characters overcome some obstacles, sing some chirpy songs, fall in love, and call it a day. Well, Beauty and the Beast is where it’s at for you this evening.  There is no shortage of happy endings in Disney, but Beauty and the Beast hits the spot especially well. You can stay loyal to the original or go for the updated version featuring Emma Watson. The newer version ends on a particularly magnificent ballroom scene, but either way, you get yourself a happy ending with a handsome prince, magical transformations, and friends and family members reunited. Mrs Potts and Chip gets us every time…

Mood: I’d like some female empowerment please…

Disney+ choice: Aladdin, 2019 edition

Ok, so as magical as they are, some of our favourite Disney productions are a little…of their time. Ariel spending most of her own movie voiceless, for example, could be considered problematic. But with a new generation of empowered women comes a new generation of empowered Disney princesses. Enter updated Jasmine, and her new song “Speechless” which makes one thing very clear- this Disney princess has her own story, her own ambitions, and her own voice that she’s not afraid to use. If you’ve got time for a double feature, follow it up with Moana.

Mood: I want a nostalgic early 2000s vibe…

Disney+ choice: Lizzie McGuire

It’s 2002, the clothes are colourful, the backpacks are fluffy, and the hair is crimped. Your iPod is large and probably full of illegal downloads, and Lizzie McGuire is on your TV screen. Obsessed with dreamboat Ethan Craft, terrified of mean girl Kate Sanders, and fiercely loyal to her best friends Gordo and Miranda, Lizzie is everything you need to transport you back to the early 2000s. Watch her navigate the halls of middle school with pink streaks in her hair in the TV series, or land in Rome with her and succumb to the charms of Pablo the Italian pop star in Lizzie McGuire the Movie. You’ll laugh, you’ll feel a strong urge to start wearing bandanas again, and you’ll learn what dreams are made of. What more could you ask?

Mood: I need something to watch with my parents…

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Disney+ choice: Guardians of the Galaxy

Finding something the whole family can enjoy with their Saturday night pizza can be a big ask, but Guardians of the Galaxy ticks all the boxes. It has an exciting plot, a protagonist on a journey of self-discovery (played by Chris Pratt), and plenty of humour. Despite its modern cinematic style, Guardians of the Galaxy is pretty much a classic tale of misfit friendship and chaotic adventure. The soundtrack is superb and peppered with throwbacks to the 70s and 80s your parents will appreciate. This cast is star-studded, and with many of the stars covered in alien make up and costumes, you get to play the “wait, why do we recognise that actor?” game, which is always a good family vibe.

Mood: I just want to be a child again…

Disney+ choice: The Lion King 1994

No disrespect to the remake, but childhood is best recreated with classic cartoons. What is it about talking animals that just makes you forget all your troubles? This movie is best enjoyed in comfy pyjamas with a sibling who knows every word to every song. To get the full effect, you’ll need to dim the lights, grab a cosy blanket, and make a big bowl of popcorn. By the end you’ll be feeling younger inside and out. Now sleep tight knowing that Scar’s been defeated, and Simba has claimed his destiny.
Disney+ is available in Ireland now.
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