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10 Fantastic Ideas for Father’s Day Gifting

10 Fantastic Ideas for Father’s Day Gifting

Sophie Coffey

Finding the perfect Father’s Day present is no easy task. This year with the majority of purchases now online only, it could be a little tougher. Luckily for you, we are helping to make it a little easier for you with ten brilliant ideas perfect for your Dad and also some links to help you find them online!

Father’s Day Gifting Ideas


The days of picking your Dad up a classic CD of some ancient band have passed. However, music is definitely still popular and while most of the albums are available through various apps now, earphones or headphones are still just as required. This is an especially worthwhile gift now, as most people are presently participating in outdoor exercise with more frequency than they did prior to lockdown and consequently have a greater use for some good quality earphones or headphones.


A wallet in good condition is always appreciated and there are also plenty of options available in various colours and styles. Given the current inclination to pay by card over cash and the influx of loyalty schemes, there are also some fantastic wallets with specific compartments designed for the card hoarder! This gift is perfectly practical but can also have a personal touch for double the brownie points!


For most people lockdown has also seen an increase in down time and often boredom. A book is a great way to keep your Dad entertained. Perhaps, he is missing the usual sports matches and a sporting analysis or history of his favourite team would be gratefully received. Or, he might like an autobiography of a public figure, he is interested in. Equally, there are plenty of fictional options to captivate him or guides to enhance his knowledge. Eason have some good suggestions.


I am a firm believer that most situations in life can be greatly improved by cake! The best part is that terrific baking skills are not required as there are simple cake mixes to suit even the most beginner of bakers. As Father’s Day gifts go, baking a cake ticks all the boxes. It won’t break the bank, it can be personalised to your Dad, it involves genuine thought and effort and there is no concern over a late delivery. And of course, all going to plan it also tastes amazing!

Hair Products

Barbers are still set to be shut for a little longer, but that does not have to stop your Dad! Male hair care is not a market I am particularly knowledgeable about! However, one of the best parts of gifting it as your Father’s Day gift is that there are plenty of choices available that will suit your budget. For a gift that he is guaranteed to use, pick one of these useful options.


On the note of personal hygiene, why not purchase some cologne for your Dad! As an added bonus if your dad has a particular favourite you can pick up a gift he will love and use without having to wrack your brain fruitlessly for hours. These types of products can sometimes be a little pricey, so they are ideal as a joint gift with any willing siblings you have.


Okay, I recognise that this might not sound like the most inspiring gift at first! But, if like many others, your Dad is spending much longer at home currently, why not replace the traditional office tie present with something a little more comfortable! Again, this is another gift that is flexible with your budget but make sure to check the size first!

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Hobby Related

Trying to find a present that you haven’t already gifted your Dad for a previous Father’s Day/birthday/Christmas is easier said than done! Hobby related gifts tend to form part of a niche market and are usually more unique meaning there is less cause for concern over repeat gifting. Of course, some hobbies have more expensive accessories than others but there is something for every hobby available online.


Sunglasses are another gift that are likely to be well used and actually appreciated by your Dad for their usefulness. Typically, as they are not the kind of gift we think of when it comes to Christmas presents it reduces your chance of doubling up on a present. However, with Father’s Day occurring in the middle of June now is the perfect time to pick up a pair of stylish sunnies!

Novelty gifts

They are called “Dad jokes” for a reason! A huge amount of online retailers now sell fun and unique gifts guaranteed to put a smile on your Dad’s face. There are a variety of options available to suit both your budget and your Dad’s sense of humour.
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