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5 Cruelty-Free Makeup Brands Available In Ireland

5 Cruelty-Free Makeup Brands Available In Ireland

Team Missy

We made the argument last year; that if brands (especially the ones with a lower retail price) can go cruelty-free, all brands should be able to. It’s really disappointing that in 2019 brands are still choosing to test on animals. And yet, here we are…

We at have personally been making a huge effort to support cruelty-free brands. So, we thought we would shine a light on some of the best cruelty-free makeup brands available in Ireland. Some of them might surprise you…

wet ‘n‘ wild

If wet ‘n’ wild isn’t on your makeup radar you need to change that ASAP. It’s one of our favourite brands! The products are uh-mazing quality and mostly under €8! AND they are cruelty free!

YouTuber Allana Davison pointed out that the wet ‘n’ wild Color Icon Palette My Glamour Squad is an EXACT dupe for the Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam Palette and it only costs €7.99!!!

Don’t miss out on the wet ‘n’ wild MegaGlo Highlighter – it’s incredibly creamy and just so dreamy on! And it’s only €5.95! You can currently get it in a set on Beauty Bay which includes a palette that is v similar to the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Eye Shadow Palette and includes a lipstick for €11!

The wet ‘n’ wild foundations are also really great. The Photo Focus Foundation is a great choice for oily skinned gals.

wet ‘n’ wild is available in selected Penneys stores and pharmacies nationwide as well as Boots. It’s also available on Beauty Bay.


Not only have Penneys been hitting it out of the park over the past few years when it comes to their makeup, they are now cruelty free. Penneys, or Primark, made a huge commitment last year to become a full cruelty-free brand.and we are so happy (and so is our bank balance!).

Don’t miss out on the incredible Penneys mascaras! They are so much better than the more expensive ones! The P.S… Fake It Mascara, €3, is a really good dupe for the Too Faced Cosmetics Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara.

Looking for a cruelty free dupe for the famed MAC Velvet Teddy? ‘Golden Rose’ lipstick number 74 is exactly the same!


Another surprising edition to our cruelty free makeup brands is Essence Cosmetics!

Again, because of the low cost you would think that they wouldn’t be cruelty-free, but Essence are committed to not testing on animals.

We love the Essence Highlighter Drops, which are a dupe for the Iconic London Drops. The Essence Million Nude Faces Eyeshadow Palette has gorgeous colours in it!

Carter Beauty

We are so happy that we can add and Irish beauty brand to our list of cruelty-free makeup brands available in Ireland – Carter Beauty by one of our fav girl boss’, Marissa Carter launched last year and it contains lots of great products that are super affordable and not tested on animals!

Ariana Grande is a fan of the Supreme Gel Liner, €4.95! If it’s good enough for Ari….

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The Full Measure Foundation, €9.95, is really buildable and long-lasting, but it has a lovely glow-y finish.

We’ve already told that we love the Warm Velvet Palette, but we’re just going to mention it again because it’s SO good!

Charlotte Tilbury

Sure, Charlotte Tilbury is a bit more on the spend-y side, but it’s definitely worth the splurge. The products are long-lasting and great quality. And unlike other premium brands, Charlotte Tilbury took the decision to be cruelty-free. Yay!

Our absolute favourite Charlotte Tilbury product is the Film Star Bronze and Glow – if you splurge on one product, let it be this!

How To Tell If A Brand Is Cruelty Free

Cruelty Free bands have a “bunny” logo on the packaging, like the ones, above. The process of being awarded the “bunny logo” is a long one, so you know you can trust that a product is cruelty free if you see it. You can also get more information here.

We know it can sometimes be hard to make the commitment, but there are so many alternatives out there that it really is inexcusable for brands to still be testing on animals. A small change can turn into a big one.

What are your favourite cruelty free makeup brands?

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