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5 Series to Binge-Watch On Netflix Now

5 Series to Binge-Watch On Netflix Now

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What we did before Netflix we don’t know. But we sure are hooked now. There really is nothing like a good Netflix and Chill session. If you’re looking for a new show to get stuck into step this way…

Gossip Girl

Ok, if you have never seen Gossip Girl you need to get on it right now. GG is set in the super wealthy area of NYC known as The Upper East Side and it’s just full of additive scandal. All we can say is OMG the clothes! And the drama! And Chuck Bass! We envy those of you starting this series for the first time. What are you waiting for?

Jane The Virgin

If you’re looking to be pleasantly surprised by a show Jane The Virgin is your ticket. The title is a bit um..random, but this is a laugh out loud show that will keep you saying just one more episode.


One of those shows that had an incredible first series and then was so-so until it was cancelled in its fourth series. This is a loose, and we mean very loose, retelling of Mary Queen of Scots and her arranged marriage at 16 to the heir to the French throne. Don’t expect this to be a boring history lesson though. Again there’s some serious inspiration to be gotten from the clothes. Also, a number of episodes including the very first where shot in Ireland. Ashford Castle was used as the outside of the French castle. So keep an eye out for some Irish scenery as you watch!

The Vampire Diaries

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You may be rolling your eyes thinking that vampires are so over, but trust us give TVD a try and we promised you’ll be hooked. Full of so many twists and turns theres 7 whole series of TVD to get through and then there’s also a spinoff series, The Originals to keep you going.

Pretty Little Liars

If you happened to live under a rock for the last few years and you’ve yet to get stuck into PLL you are in for a treat. PPL just wrapped up after 7 series. For a teen show it had an outrageous body count. If you’re looking for something to keep you guessing until the very end give this a go.

What shows are you currently watching?

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