5 Things Mrs Hinch Has Taught Us

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We never thought we would be discussing the topic of cleaning on missy.ie, but stay with us on this…

At the beginning of the week we learned of a phenomenon sweeping Instagram – Mrs Hinch and her cleaning tips! You’re probably thinking really? Cleaning? But trust us, Mrs Hinch’s Instagram is addictive! We’ve watched all of her highlights, liked most of her posts (not to sound creepy…) and we are now fully fledged Mrs Hinch-lings!

So, if you’ve recently moved out for college, or just want to impress the parentals, here are the top 5 things Mrs Hinch has taught us about cleaning!

1) Washing Your Washing Machine Is A Thing…

Eh, this one took us at Missy HQ by storm. So much so that we now have a dedicated group chat to the topic. You should wash your washing machine. No one told us that! Needless to say some serious washing machine cleaning is going down this weekend. (We. Are. Wild). Mrs Hinch recommends cleaning the drawer where all your washing powder etc. goes. As well as giving the rubber part of the barrel a good scrub. You’d be surprised how dirty these bits can get…!

2) Vinegar Is Not Just For Chips!

Vinegar may make your takeaway taste that bit better but did you know it also works wonders on cleaning glass and mirrors? You may be thinking how is that relevant, but we’re sure you have a mirror or two in your bedroom that could do with a good clean! Mrs Hinch recommends Stardrops Vinegar Spray, so naturally we’re now fully stocked up!

3) Not All Cloths Were Created Equal…

We’ve not lost the plot, bear with us! Mrs Hinch uses cloths by the brand Minky. However, we’ve lovingly taken on her pronunciation of “MINKEH!” (If we were Minky Homecare we’d be rebranding ASAP). We never thought we’d be obsessed with a cloth or sponge but here we are…

5 Things Mrs Hinch Has Taught Us

4) Zoflora Is Life

Before this week we just thought of Zoflora as a disinfectant, but after watching Mrs Hinch – it’s now a way of life. Zoflora is a natural product, so it’s not only a great cleaner, it’s good for the environment! Win/Win! It also smells amazing. Be sure to dilute it down though or the smell might be a tad bit overwhelming! Use it on floors, toilets, anything!

5) Clockwise Cleaning

Mrs Hinch keeps all of her cleaning products in baskets, separated by product type or use (Monica Geller, is that you?). For the clockwise clean, she takes her “daily basket”, filled with bits she’ll need for whatever cleaning goes on that day, and her wipes basket. (Invest in some wipes if you want to get your floors sparkling, a mop is not enough apparently! We were shocked too!). For the clockwise clean you start on the left of whatever room you are tackling, and work your way round in a clockwise direction! Genius! Eat your heart out Snow White!

5 Things Mrs Hinch Has Taught Us

Are you as blown away by these tips as we are? Have you any cleaning tips of your own you’d like to share?

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