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5 Things To Do This Weekend

5 Things To Do This Weekend

Team Missy

We’ve got that Friday feeling!

Here are 5 things to do this weekend…

1. Register For Darkness Into Light

Darkness Into Light is Pieta House’s flagship annual fundraising and awareness event to promote suicide prevention and to tackle the stigma assisted with mental health. The 5km walk takes place at 4.15am on May 12th. Most walkers will finish the walk just as the sun comes up to show the significance in the saying, the night is always darkest before the dawn.

The spirit of Darkness Into Light is so important. And its a wonderful event to be part of. Both Dani and Jessie have already signed up to it, so team Missy will be represented at it. It’s taking place in most towns and cities in Ireland. There are also a few locations worldwide.

You can register for Darkness InTo Light here. There are also venues locally where you can sign up in person. So check social media to see where they are.

This has been a huge event for the past few years and we think its going to be an even bigger deal this year. Make sure that you sign up, not only to help a very worthy cause, but to also ensure that you don’t have FOMO when you wake up to see all the posts on social media on the 12th of May!

For more information about Pieta House’s service visit the Pieta House website.

2. Read

The weekends were made for reading. And if you’re not swamped with exam prep we recommend taking the time to get a whole lotta reading done. We have built up quite the selection of books for you to choose from. Searching for a new YA series? Or looking for something a bit more historical?

3. Re-watch 13 Reasons Why

We’ve said this on our Twitter, but our spidey senses are tingling at Missy HQ and we think that 13 Reasons Why Season 2 might just do a Beyonce and appear announced on Netflix in the coming weeks.

The evidence? Well there’s not much, which is why we’re suspicious. There’s been no trailer released, which is very weird. Normally a trailer would be out a few months before a release to build up some hype. 13 Reasons wrapped filming late last year, so we know its finished. There was also an advanced screening held a few weeks ago in LA for some very lucky superfans who were made sign an NDA (That’s Non Disclosure Agreement). Spanish Netflix has also dropped a teaser trailer that features none of the cast but instead students discussing issues facing teens. And some of the cast have started saying some words about the new series.

So yeah, we’re calling it; 13 Reasons Why Season 2 is coming soon!

If not in the next few weeks we reckon it will drop just as the summer holidays start to ensure maximum impact. Anyway, you should definitely re-watch the first series because we don’t know about you, but we forgot LOTS of things that happened! OMG Alex!!!!!


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This only require 5 ingredients and we bet you have most of them in your kitchen cupboards. But this recipe comes with a warning from The Londoner herself, it’s highly addictive. Hence the “crack” name!

5. Do Some Self-Care

With exams looming left, right and centre it’s easy to forget to look after yourself. Take some time this weekend to do something for your mental health. Whether it be a walk in the countryside or a long, hot bath or reading a magazine from cover to cover; do what makes you feel like a million dollars.

Read More: Simple Ways To Practise Self-Care

Have you any suggestions for things to do this weekend?

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