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5 TikTok Tunes We’re Currently Loving

5 TikTok Tunes We’re Currently Loving

Neasa Murphy

What would 2020 have been without TikTok? Wait- don’t answer that. No need to imagine that scenario!
TikTok is like a very fast-paced mash up of everything that’s great about the internet. It’s got fashion, comedy, life hacks, make up, and of course, fresh music.
The best songs on TikTok have a habit of turning into viral trends. Whether it’s a dance, an outfit challenge, or just a joke that everybody puts their own spin on, it’s nearly always got a catchy sound to go with it.
A few minutes on TikTok and you’ve got about ten different songs stuck in your head all at the same time. Some of those songs are seriously playlist worthy and deserve to be heard, from beginning to end, in their full pre-TikTok glory. So, we’ve gathered five of our favourites here for your convenience.
Here are the top 5 trending TikTok songs you need on your playlist.

River, Bishop Briggs

First up, it’s the tense but catchy indie tune that’s sparked not one, but two viral trends on TikTok (and we wouldn’t be surprised to see another). You may recognise the chorus of River (from the chair dance trend), or the opening beats which had everyone from Charli D’Amelio to your big sister whispering “like a river”. It’s a perfect song to turn up and belt out when you’re alone in your room. Don’t worry if you can’t actually hit the notes, that’s not the point.

Banana, Conkarah (ft Shaggy)

Just a few short weeks ago, this song had everyone on TikTok dropping their sunglasses and dancing like there was no pandemic at all. It’s got a super fun beat, and a holiday vibe to it that will keep you bopping until you’ve danced all your worries away. Stick it on in the garden while you’re barbequing with your family this summer.

Renee, SALES

TikTokers have been very creative with the “you got it” refrain from this chilled-out record by SALES. TikTok has a knack for bringing our attention to great artists we might not have heard of, and SALES is one of those artists. If you’re someone who enjoys reading, drawing, or studying to relaxing music, SALES have a great sound for exactly that kind of thing. Thanks again TikTok!

Wait a minute! Willow Smith

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This is another tune that’s sparked all kinds of creativity on TikTok. From classic TikTok dancing to unique funny videos, people have done all sorts with this one, and it’s catchy, so we’re here for it. Wait a minute! is a good song for when you’re driving around on a sunny day. It’s upbeat, fun to sing along with, and it’ll remind of you all the funny stuff you saw on TikTok this summer, so good vibes all round.

Stunnin’ Curtis Waters

We’ve saved our favourite for last. This hit has taken over TikTok with the “what I would wear if” trend, where TikTokers share outfits inspired by different situations (dates, work, school), TV shows, and movies, etc. The videos this trend has led to are super cool, and often very well edited, which is a perfect match for the smooth, modern sound of this track. This is the kind of song you’ll want to play on repeat until you almost ruin it for yourself. Don’t bother trying to resist- you can’t.
Check’s version now!
Which TikTok trending songs are you loving at the moment?

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