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8 Ways to Cut the Cost at Your Debs

8 Ways to Cut the Cost at Your Debs

Sophie Coffey

The word Debs invokes an image of glitz and glamour, but it can also be an event that conjures up images of flashy euro signs. In truth this is far from an inevitable certainty and there are plenty of ways that you can cut the cost of your debs. This remains true whether you want to make big savings or just knock down the rapidly rising price slightly.

So, for eight ways to minimise the cost without minimising the enjoyment then look no further!

Use your existing make-up

It can be so tempting to feel that you have to buy a new lipstick or specific shade of eyeshadow but always check the items that you have at home first. This is a brilliant way of reducing your spending and no one will be any the wiser. However, we do recommend that if you are using a bottle of tan, you already have to make sure that it is not damaged or expired. While many of our suggestions are particularly sustainable options, we doubt you literally want to ‘go green’ for your night.

Do your own hair/make-up

It might feel that everyone around you is getting their make-up or hair done professionally but this is not a requirement. Professional prices tend to increase your spending so if you are trying to save consider doing it yourself. Friends or family members can also be hugely helpful in this regard and are usually willing to offer their services to you. There are plenty of online tutorials to help you too. Just remember to trial out any of your planned styles before the day itself.

Rent a dress

Many of us dream or envisage the dress we will wear for our debs months or, let’s be honest, years in advance! However, as many dresses are now associated with hefty price tags it is understandable if your budget does not offer such a dreamy image. This does not mean that you have to give up on finding the perfect dress. There are fantastic services that will allow you to hire a dress for a night. This way you can still have all the glamour of choosing a gorgeous gown without the guilt of knowing you will only wear it once for its price tag.

Don’t be afraid to stand up to friends

Some people can become caught up in the drama of the debs and start organising big plans for the day itself. These preparations usually incur additional costs to you so don’t be afraid to suggest that you cut back on the lavish preparations. If your friends are still determined to go all out try to find cheaper alternatives to any plans that will still allow you to participate without burdening your purse.

Second hand accessories

When striving to cut the cost of your debs most people immediately refer to second-hand dresses. This is definitely a great option that we highly recommend. However, the extended selection of pre-owned items available is in fact far wider than we initially considered. Whether it is a clutch, hair accessory or jewellery, charity shops or online stores such as Depop will allow you to choose plenty of gorgeous accessories without causing the same dent to your purse that brand new alternatives would.


Despite what the debzilla’s might think, your debs is not your wedding! However, this is no reason for you to avoid incorporating the something borrowed tradition. Whether it is an older sibling or friend, consider asking around to see if someone has an accessory that will suit your intended style. Old Instagram photos are also a convenient way of locating a particular dress or item that you think you might be able to borrow.

Prioritise purchases

If you are just trying to cut back a little bit, then aim to prioritise your purchases. Maybe you want some new accessories but feel that the cost of shoes and a clutch together will be too much. Consider which items you might be able to avail of through other means, such as from a friend or second-hand shop and then mix and match your new purchases with second-hand ones.

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Drink less

A possibly unexpected addition to this list but not one you should overlook. With debs being one of the first formal social events where the majority of you can legally drink it is not unusual for people to get carried away. If you are watching your purse, then the alcohol receipt is a definite bill worth watching. As a double bonus you are likely to have better memories of your big night this way too!

Remember, the debs is about having a good night and celebrating all that you have achieved and opening the door on your new life. Don’t let the expectation to spend money stress you out.

Are you struggling to keep the cost of debs down?

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