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Books To Get You Into An Autumnal Mood

Books To Get You Into An Autumnal Mood

Alice O'Donnell

With the arrival of pumpkin lattes and woollen scarves, it’s official. Autumn is here. While unfortunately this also means more wind and rain, we find there’s nothing better than snuggling on a rainy day with a hot chocolate reading a good book. Below are our top picks for books to really get you in the Autumnal mood.

Perhaps the oldest gothic fiction of all, Jane Eyre will chill yet captivate you.

The book follows Jane Eyre’s life, from a tough childhood filled with a child’s fear of ghost, to moving in as domestic help in the eerie Thornfield Manor. Throughout the book there is a sinister undertone, and possibility of ghouls and ghosts can never be dismissed. This is a rewarding novel to read; having been written nearly 200 years ago, the English can be challenging, but this only makes it more enthralling as you become submerged in the gothic world of the 1800s.

If reading about Hogwarts on a stormy night doesn’t give you Halloween vibes, we don’t know what will. With seven books, and many more spinoffs, this series will keep you occupied until Christmas with spells and potions.

There’s something wonderful about reading the books, from Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone to The Deathly Hallows in sequence, and seeing not only the writing style change, but watch as the characters themselves mature and grow up.

By the end of the series, you’ll be whispering spells and potion recipes under your breath without even realising it.

Coraline is arguably one of the most eeriest books written. While the film terrorised our childhood, the book will terrify our adulthood (but in a good way!)

The name Coraline is based on the idea of the very common name, Caroline, only with something just a little off, and is very much in keeping with the book’s theme. While nearly everything seems normal, at first anyway, there’s always something a little bit twisted about the situation. There’s something fantastically creepy about the novel with its children book style writing and disturbing themes.

The illustrations by Dave McKean only add to the sinister feel of the book.

We firmly believe that every person who reads this book shed a tear by the end. A beautifully written novel, the story focuses on Connor, a young boy struggling with school bullies and his mother’s illness. When a monster visits him in the middle of the night, Connor must listen to his tales and must tell his own to the monster by the end.

Set in autumn, this book perfectly personifies the feel of summer ending, and new beginnings.

A royally good zombie book, it’s a far cry from the blockbuster film that shares its name.

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World War Z is written in a nonfiction style and is a great read for people who are getting tired of the regular fiction story-telling style. The author imagines a world where the zombie apocalypse did occur and was defeated by humanity, and this book details the interviews of those who lived through it.

Wonderfully researched, the book will send shivers down anyone’s spine.

What books get you in an autumnal mood?

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