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Collagen: Everything You Need To Know About The Supplement

Collagen: Everything You Need To Know About The Supplement

Róisín Lynch
Collagen Everything You Need To Know

Collagen, we have the Kardashian Sisters to thank for this supplement’s new found fame. All with good reason though, there are an endless number of benefits associated with this supplement. Thanks to its promotion on social media, collagen it’s becoming a lot easier to incorporate into your daily life. This is in a large part thanks to the various different forms it is sold in now. You can even buy collagen shampoo and moisturisers!

So, what’s so great about Collagen?

Collagen is the most plentiful protein in your body. It plays a very important role in providing structure to your skin and helping your blood clot. You can think of collagen as a building block for your bones, skin, ligaments and muscles. Collagen even extends as far as your teeth, corneas and blood vessels. Think of collagen as a glue to hold all of these things together. 

Fun fact! The word collagen actually comes from the Greek word “kolla” which means glue.

What’s the benefit of taking a collagen supplement?

There are a whole host of benefits associated with taking collagen in the form of supplements. The most notable being these:


  • Thicker hair – It has been reported that taking collagen has improved the thickness of peoples hair and has helped people with thin and easily damaged hair get nice, long and thick locks. 


  • Increased muscle mass – As collagen is a protein it helps increase muscle mass. Taking collagen alongside strength training can result in some pretty nice biceps! 


  • Healthier nails – If you have brittle or slow growing nails, collagen will help strengthen them and in turn lead to faster nail growth. 


  • Skin elasticity and hydration – Collagen keeps you looking young! Collagen has been proven to keep your skin hydrated in turn improving it’s elasticity. 


  • Stronger bones – Collage keeps your bones strong and healthy by making your bones denser, therefore less likely to break or fracture in the case of injury. 

As you get older, your usual collagen levels begin to decrease and your body struggles to produce more. This is where your collagen supplement comes to the rescue.

Do teenagers need collagen?

Collagen is  hailed for its anti-aging properties. As seen in the list above, it helps with concerns people have as they age, but can it be beneficial for teenagers?  Sure is! 

Collagen is a great supplement to take as a teenager as it supports healthy growth and hormone function! Thin hair, skin problems and brittle nails aren’t just issues as your age, many people struggle with these things naturally, teens as well! If you have issues in these areas collagen will be your saving grace. 

Adequate protein intake is very important during your teen years and collagen is a great protein source that supports metabolism as well! So it is a great idea to take collagen as a teenager. You’ll be glowing in no time!

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Increase collagen with your food:

Collagen is naturally accruing in some foods, you don’t have to take it as a supplement. Collagen is found in fish, chicken, egg whites, berries, citrus fruits, garlic, white tea, and red and yellow vegetables.

If you are really looking to reap the benefits collagen has to offer then a supplement might be the best option for you!

Types of collagen supplements: 

Collagen is sure in high demand at the moment! There are many different forms of collagen on the market. It can be taken in the form of powder, capsules, coffee creamers, dilutes and jellies! 

If you are looking to unleash your inner Kardashian, why not give Khloe Kardashian’s Dose & Co. Collagen formula a go? 

Were you aware of all the benefits associated with collagen before?

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