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Conversation Topics For When You Are Texting Your Crush

Conversation Topics For When You Are Texting Your Crush

Ella Morley
Conversation Topics texting Crush

We have all been there. You have a crush on someone but cannot for the life of you figure out what to say to them.

If you are in this situation right now, then this is your lucky day. Here are some conversation topics when texting your crush…


School is a great conversation topic to bring up when you begin texting your crush. If you both go to the same school, you can discuss your upcoming exam, favourite teachers and laugh at the incidents that happened that day. However, if you go to different schools, you can exchange stories and funny memories you have. The topic of school is nearly always a safe topic to bring up as so many people can relate to the experience.

Everyone has a story to share and an opinion on a certain class or the uniform. There are hundreds of ways you could use this topic to start talking with your crush. The number of subtopics from this that you can explore is endless. Next thing you know you will have spent a good two hours chatting, laughing, and bonding over the subject.

Future plans

What do they plan to do after school? Are they planning to go to college, or do they want to take on an apprenticeship? Have they always wanted to visit a particular county? Do they plan to travel there as soon as Covid-19 permits or are they thinking of waiting a few years? Everyone has dreams and goals they wish to achieve. Encourage them. They will only be too glad to have someone to listen to them.

And what about you? What are your ambitions? You never know you might find out that you have something in common and what is better than that. Discussing future plans will build a connection between you which is a big plus when it comes to talking to your crush.

The Coronavirus

Everyone has a different opinion. Everyone has had a different experience and coped in different ways. Chances are you miss hanging out with several of your friends, going to parties and even sitting down in a café. Maybe your confidence has grown or maybe your mental health has declined.

Well good news, the pandemic has been and is a universal ordeal. This makes it the perfect topic to talk about with your crush. Talk about your frustrations and your experiences. Talk about how everything has changed or how you’ve been ordering way too much online recently.

Whether you disagree with how the government are handling things or miss going to the library, there will always be something to say on the topic.

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Talk about how you spend your time

Ask them about their favourite hobbies. Maybe you saw on their social media that they went to an online concert last weekend. Ask them about it. Maybe you know that they have a part-time job. Ask them about it. They are bound to have a few stories. What about that popular new TV show or movie – have they seen it?

Reacting or replying to Snapchat and Instagram stories can be a great way to start of the conversation if you are nervous about not knowing what to say. If you are overanalysing what to say or how to say hi then why not try it – that’s what the features are there for. Skip the ‘hi, how are you’ and dive straight into the point.

Have you any more ideas for conversation topics when texting your crush?

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