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Things To Do To Combat Anxiety Around Coronavirus

Things To Do To Combat Anxiety Around Coronavirus

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As we enter uncharted waters with an unprecedented global emergency, it’s not hard to feel completely and utterly overwhelmed.

Here’s a few things you can do to combat anxiety around Coronavirus during these stressful times.


Make a big effort to carve out some time to read a few books. Not only will you be doing something productive with your time, you’ll also be taking your mind off of all this coronavirus talk.

Check out our book section for some great recommendations.

Take A Break From Social Media

It’s very easy to get caught up in the hysteria of wanting to know everything as it happens, but social media is a crazy place at the moment. Reading all the bad news non-stop does nothing for no one. So limit the time that you are spending endlessly scrolling on social media.

If the news is really stressing you think about deleting apps such as Facebook and Twitter until we’re over the madness.

Dedicate Time To Family And Friends


Even if you are limiting social interaction, it doesn’t mean that you can’t dedicate some quality time to family and friends. In fact, everyone could probably do with it right now. Chat to people on the phone or Skype them, even think about writing a few letters to your besties or elderly neighbours.


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Get Some Fresh Air

We are being asked to limit our social interactions but that does not mean that you need to become a hermit unless you need to go into self-isolation on medical advice.

Make some time everyday to get outside. Go for walk and blast your favourite playlist or podcast. It will honestly made the world of difference if you’re feeling overwhelmed.

Make sure to follow advice from the HSE and factcheck any information. And continue to follow all guidance such as limiting social interaction, washing your hands frequently and checking in on those around you. 

We will get through this, it’s just going to be a strange few weeks.

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