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Crystals For Manifesting: How They Work And The Best Ones To Use

Crystals For Manifesting: How They Work And The Best Ones To Use

Róisín Lynch

TikTok has brought us everything from the renegade to whipped coffee. Manifestation is just another life-changing skill that has been brought to many people’s attention thanks to the app.

You may have been familiar with manifestation pre TikTok but the app certainly has shone a light on the various different methods you can use to manifest. One of those methods being the use of crystals.

Yes you read that right, you can start living the life of your dreams with the assistance of some colourful gems.

What is manifesting?

Manifesting is an ongoing process of creation that you use to create the overall shape of your life. It is a skill that brings you in line with the fundamental energy of the universe. The idea is that your thoughts create your reality.

Your outlook on life and belief of what your current reality is and who you are is ultimately what will physically manifest itself in to your current reality. The power behind manifestation lies in your subconscious thoughts and daily practices to support these thoughts.

How do crystals help you manifest?

There are a number of different methods you can use to raise your vibration and manifest your dreams. Everything from scripting to embodying the person who already has your desires. Crystals are another powerful tool you can use to manifest your dreams in to reality.

You might be reading this thinking but how can a rock have powers? Crystals have consciousness just like humans do. Our conscience is what makes us powerful manifesters. Not all crystals have consciousness but the ones that do could be the hidden tool you need to manifest what it is you desire.

The combined power of humans and crystals is what makes using crystals for manifestations a great idea.

Every crystal is different and will help you with different desires based on the power of that particular crystal. Pick a crystal based off what it is you desire to manifest. We have a breakdown of each different crystal below.

What do I do once I choose my crystal?

Once you have picked your crystal based on what you desire you can begin manifesting with it. The way you go about this is completely up to you, you can hold it while you visualise, infuse it with your manifestation intention, carry it with you as a reminder of what you are manifesting or sleep with it under your pillow at night.

The different type of crystals for manifestations 

There are a number of different crystals you can use during manifestation. It all depends on what you are trying to manifest.

Clear Quartz – For Amplifying Manifestation Intentions 

Clear quartz is a great crystal to start manifesting with as it can be used to manifest pretty much anything. Think of it as a boost to the manifestation work you are already doing.

Just like its name the clear quartz is all about clarity, light and amplification. It is well known for its ability to raise your vibration and help you gain clarity on what it is you want to manifest.

This crystal is a clean slate for your manifestations.

Rose Quartz – For Manifesting Love 

If you are looking for love get your hand on a rose quartz! Rose quartz is the crystal for manifesting love, compassion and healing. The crystal releases strong vibrations of love.

Rose quartz appeals to the heart chakra and by tapping in to divine feminine energy, helps restore faith, increase compassion, and attract new loving relationships.

This crystal will help you manifest anything that speaks to your heart.

Citrine – For Manifesting Abundance and Prosperity 

Citrine is known as the money stone so if you are in need of some extra dosh hunt down a citrine crystal. It is one of the most powerful crystals for manifesting abundance and prosperity.

When you are in the presence of citrine it will help raise your vibration, elevate your mood, and shift your mindset to a place of optimism, prosperity and abundance.

Black Obsidian – For Letting Go Of Limiting Beliefs 

Limiting beliefs can stop any desires from manifesting, regardless of any other hard work you are putting in.  Black obsidian is a great crystal to have in your possession when you are starting out manifesting and working through any negative subconscious thoughts that may exist.

Letting go and trusting that your manifestation is on the way is another key part of manifesting. If you struggle with this part, black obsidian can help you out.

As a powerful stone for manifestation, black obsidian is an important stone to have with you when using the law of attraction. It will help you overcome any obstacles standing in the way of your desires so you can begin living your dream life asap!

Being clear about you are trying to manifest is a key part of the law of attraction. That is a lot easier said then done however, as many people get caught up in their heads, over-thinking their manifestations. If you struggle with gaining clarity than it might be worth while getting a hematite stone.

This crystal speaks to the root chakra and helps ground your body in to earth. This will help you see the bigger picture and help you manifest with a much clearer mind.

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