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Why Pleasure Should Be Part of Sexual Education

Why Pleasure Should Be Part of Sexual Education

Caoimhe Mahon

Sex Education in Ireland is far from what it should be.

Here at Missy, we’ve discussed the gaps in Irish sex education and emphasised how it is practically non-existent.

However, one thing that is clearly missing from sex education, which is leaving a huge vacuum in student sex education, is that of sexual pleasure.

How many classes have you attended where sexual pleasure has been the topic of discussion? How many textbooks have a chapter on pleasure in their contents?

This is a problem and here’s why.

Stop With The Shame

When I think of Sex Ed in school I immediately associate it with shame. That’s not because I believe its anything to be ashamed of, far from, but because that’s what our teachers made us think.

I remember we had a teacher in for sex education before and she would shudder and whisper every time she had to say the word ‘sex.’ I mean what type of example is that setting?

In Biology class we cover all the structures and then brush over anything to do with pleasure. Yes, sex if for procreating, but what about all the other times people have sex? Nor non-penetrative sex? And what about same sex partners? We mainly have sex for pleasure and that’s a fact, so why is this critical aspect of sex overlooked when it comes to education?

Hiding it away, brushing over it and pretending it’s not important is unhealthy and fosters a negative shameful culture around sexual pleasure.

Why so taboo ?

We learn about sexual health, diseases and pregnancy so why not teach us about pleasure and the importance of communicating your wants a needs with your partner?

Sex is a normal, natural thing; what is abnormal is how we make it into a shameful topic of taboo through a lack of education.

This forces people not to ask questions, not to seek advice. So they go without protection, without awareness and without an education on how to pleasure themselves.

Gaps in education can never be a good thing

If there were gap in education and understanding in Science, Maths or English people would be vocal but because it is in sexual education there is little to no chat about it.

If we don’t learn these things in sex education then people attempt to access the information elsewhere, which may not be factual, true or safe. By not giving students a full and factual account of sex the education system is failing them.

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Sex is not just for reproduction but it is for pleasure too.

We need to be educated on how to please yourself and your partner. We previously spoke about masturbation, which again, is normal.

I mean how can we be expected to please others if we can’t please ourselves and how can we please ourselves if we are too ashamed or embarrassed to get to know our own body.

You deserve to have sexual pleasure and you are entitled to an education which informs you about this.

Schools need to step up and change their sexual education, that much is clear. Being more sex positive and inclusive in sex education would make such a difference and empower more people to make more informed choices about sex.

Would you agree?

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