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Cutest Hand Sanitisers That Actually Work

Cutest Hand Sanitisers That Actually Work

Sorcha Kennedy

One of the best ways to prevent the spread of the COVID19 is by properly sanitising your hands meaning hand sanitiser is the must-have item for your bag in 2020!
The hand sanitisers available when you enter a building aren’t always the best (some of them are so sticky!), but there are plenty of options when it comes hand sanitisers that are also super and cute and smell amazing.
It’s important to remember that hand sanitisers should have at least 60% alcohol to be effective.

The Best Scents!

Scented hand sanitisers are my personal favourites. I find I’m much more likely to use it if it makes my hands smell good. Here are some of the best scents that will also keep those germs away.
This range from Bubble T has five different scent options to choose from and they only cost €3 each!
This Cath Kidston hand sanitiser smells amazing and it’s pocket-sized! Perfect to bring with you when you go for a shop.
This Dr Palm sanitiser has 75% alcohol and is instant acting (also the packaging is so cute).
This set of three from Revolution comes with three scents which include ocean, lavender and coconut, and with 3 in a pack for €8, they’re great value.

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Hand Sanitisers For Sensitive Skin

Hand sanitiser can be super hard on your hands, especially if you have sensitive skin. I’ve found a few options for people who’s hands can’t stand the normal sanitisers available.
This super handy sanitiser is actually a spray, which cares for and soothes sensitive skin as well as protecting you from all kinds of germs.
This sanitiser is made by The Works, a skincare brand, so their focus is on caring for your skin as well as killing germs.
La Roche-Posay are known as one of the best skincare brands, so of course, they have a great option for sanitiser.
This gel has three essential oils, perfect for skin that needs a little extra care.

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Hand Cream To Pair With Them

Hand sanitiser can be harsh on skin, so you are going to need some hand cream to prevent the skin on your hands from drying out and cracking.
Sanitising is super important, but they doesn’t mean you have to compromise your hand care for it!

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