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Ethical And Sustainable Retailers For Guilt Free Shopping

Ethical And Sustainable Retailers For Guilt Free Shopping

Sophie Coffey

Fast fashion is a huge movement and the cost of it is significant.
Where we purchase from has much further reaching consequences than we typically realise. We can reduce that impact by choosing retailers that take their ethical responsibilities seriously.
Here are five ethical and sustainable retailers who offer a range of products including clothing, jewellery, and cosmetics.


Lush have a fantastic reputation when it comes to being an ethical retailer and it is deservedly earned. Lush support Fair Trade and Community Trade initiatives. They also use environmentally conservative materials such as safe synthetics, 100% recycled packaging and campaign against animal testing. Their range of products is brilliantly wide and allows for guilt free beauty buying.
So, now you can treat yourself to a Lush bath bomb and not feel guilty!

People Tree

The People Tree sells a huge variety of clothes to suit your every guilt free fashion purchase from work out clothing to gorgeous denim. Not only is the brand Fair Trade Certified, they also choose organic cotton and low impact dyes for their materials. Additionally, the company promotes good wages and working conditions to support the employees making the clothes meaning they protect not just the environment but the people who are part of it.
Shop People Tree 


The vast quantity of water employed in the making of Levi’s jeans prompted Levi’s Water<Less collection that uses up to 96% less water. The company are also heavily involved in the Better Cotton Initiative and the Sustainable Apparel Coalition as part of their ethical responsibility. They have also banned the use of two chemicals (PFAs and PFCs) for the significant dangers they pose to people, drinking water and the planet.
Shop Levi’s

H&M Conscious Collection

Sometimes sustainable purchases are more expensive in order to cover the additional costs incurred from responsible sourcing and producing. This high street range is affordable as well as being ethical. The H&M Conscious collection is made of clothes that involve an environmentally positive feature including recycled polyester and organic materials. H&M also accepts your old clothes to be recycled in order to reduce waste.
For more information check out the Conscious section on the H&M website.

See Also

So Just Shop

If it is beautiful jewellery you are looking for then So Just Shop is a retailer that takes their ethical responsibilities incredibly seriously. According to their website their mission is “To raise 250,000 women and their families out of abject poverty while ensuring that ethical and sustainable products are accessible to all”. The jewellery is created with ethical and sustainable materials by women-led groups who are all paid a living wage.
Check out their website for more info.
Are there any ethical and sustainable retailers who you try to buy from?

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