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Everything you need to know before getting contact lenses

Everything you need to know before getting contact lenses

Anna Powell

Glasses never suited my lifestyle. Between breaking, scratching and forgetting my glasses, it was utterly clear that glasses weren’t for me. However squinting my eyes and guessing at objects in the distance wasn’t a viable long term solution for my daily life. So as a result I decided to get contacts and I have never looked back.

I’ve had such a positive experience that I am often found trying to convince friends to take the plunge and try contacts too. However, I am often left to listen to them as they squirm in their seats as they list off the reasons they are too scared to try out contacts. This article will hopefully help to debunk common fears about contacts. It will hopefully help you to make an informed decision about whether or not you wish to try contacts without letting fear get in your way.

Contacts Don’t Hurt

I’ve been asked by so many people if contacts hurt and the honest answer is no. Contacts are so comfortable to wear. Once you give yourself a chance to get used to them, you don’t feel them resting on your eye at all. You honestly completely forget you are wearing them. There have been so many occasions where I have nearly forgotten that I am in fact wearing contacts and have had to remind myself to take them out before going to bed. Without noticing the improvement in my vision. I would’ve believed my eyes hadn’t been touched by contacts at all.

You don’t really touch your eye

So many of my friends have been terrified about touching their eyes in order to insert the contacts. Aside from briefly touching my eyelids to open up my eye, I don’t touch the inside of my eye to insert the contact. Once you have done it a few times, the contact easily falls into place without any discomfort after a simple blink or two.

Similarly, when you are trying to remove the contact, it is easily removable without the need to poke and prod at your eye. It’s all about just repeating the process of inserting and extracting the contact a few times and before you know it, it will feel like second nature.

Why bother with contacts?

Contacts provide you with more flexibility in your daily life. Although glasses can be fashionable, stylish and a great outfit accessory, they are not always viable to wear. It’s nice to have the option to just switch it up a bit and enjoy seeing clearly without glasses. If you’re into sports, contacts can provide great freedom for you as you partake in the activity. They allow you to solely focus on your athletic ability without having to worry about your glasses getting broken.

Simple things to remember when wearing Contact

Don’t harshly rub your eye

Once you have inserted your contacts, do your very best not to roughly rub your eyelid. This can cause the contact to move and can cause damage to the contact. There is no need to be terrified of causing damage to the contact as they are more durable than you think, but definitely be mindful of it throughout the day.

A simple  thing I do to prevent me rubbing my eyelid when I’m wearing contacts , is to do my makeup routine before putting in a pair . This allows me to do my eye makeup without worrying about getting make up in my eye and upsetting the contacts by running my eyelid too harshly.

Always wash your hands

Before you go to use your contacts, always put aside an extra minute to two to wash your hands. Although you may feel like your hands are clean, it’s important to still complete this step anyway. Products like foundation, sunblock and body creams may not be noticeable on your fingers but may cause irritation in your eye if not previously washed off your fingers.

Carry a spare pair or your glasses

If you are new to wearing contacts, it is no harm to carry a spare pair of contacts or your glasses around with you. Although this will hardly happen, it is no harm to have a back up plan in case you need to remove your contacts. This is a really good tip to follow in case you wear your contacts to school and need to be able to see to keep up with class. Sometimes your eyes can get tired and it may be nice to have the option to switch to your glasses.

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Avoid water while wearing your contacts

While you are wearing contacts, it is important to not get any water in your eye as this can cause an infection. Don’t take any chances and be sure to remove your contacts if you are having a shower or a bath. It is really important to look after the health of your eyes.

Don’t overwear your contacts

If you try contacts and figure out that contacts suit your lifestyle much better than glasses then you need to be mindful about how long and often you wear your contacts. While you are chilling out at home it is a good idea to give your eyes a break and not wear contacts. I often wear no contacts on days where I am just relaxing at home and usually only wear my glasses for things such as watching tv.

Similarly, if you have been wearing your contacts for a long period of time, be mindful of that and maybe switch to your glasses for a few hours in your spare time. It is a good idea to have a few days during the week where you don’t wear your contacts.

Are you thinking of getting contact lenses? 

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