Hobbies That Help Improve Your Mental Health

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It’s been proven that hobbies are a great way to relieve stress and overall improve your mental health. Unfortunately, due to recent events, a lot of your hobbies may be cancelled or postponed. But luckily, there are lots of stress-relieving hobbies you can do from home. Here are some hobbies you can take up right now, that will also help your mental health.


Often with drawing or painting people worry too much about being “good” at it, but if you let go and just have fun with it, it’s a great way to relieve stress. Draw doodles, or random shapes, or paint what’s outside your window. All you need is some basic art supplies and a place where you can just relax and let your creativity flow.


Embroidery is a super fun hobby and you can also upcycle your old clothes while you relax! It’s a super easy hobby to begin and there are loads of youtube videos that you can watch to learn new techniques and styles.


People always assume that to do photography you need a fancy camera or fancy lighting, but that’s not true at all. All you need is any sort of camera and the passion to do it. Start by taking pictures of nature, your siblings, your pets, or whatever else catches your eye. Photography is a great way to learn how to be present in the moment.

Playing An Instrument

This is another hobby where people worry too much about being good and less about having fun. But learning how to play your favourite song on the piano or guitar is super fun, and it’s a great way to spend your alone time.


Writing is a great way not only to express your creativity but also to be one with your thoughts and feelings. Creative writing is a great way to escape from all the madness going on right now in the world, and journaling is a good way to express your inner thoughts and anxieties.


This one may seem a little obvious but it’s a proven way to improve your mental health, and you can do it from home! There is plenty of online yoga classes to choose from. Yoga is also an amazing form of exercise (plus it’s super fun).


This is a hobby that I took up during lockdown, and it’s honestly one of my favourite pass times. There are endless possibilities to what you can make and in the end you have a tasty treat to reward yourself for all your hard work.

Check out our recipe section for some baking inspo.

Grow some plants

Gardening is often associated with the older generation, but it’s super and a great way to chill out. If you don’t have a garden, why not get some potted indoor plants? You can grow herbs, flowers, vegetables, etc., whatever you want!

These hobbies are super fun but also super relaxing, so why not try them?

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