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Alternative Workouts For Those Who Hate The Gym

Alternative Workouts For Those Who Hate The Gym

Aimee Walsh

Ah, the gym- loved by many and equally hated by many. Going to the gym can be out of the question for a lot of people. It could be due to cost, accessibility or just simply, because you hate the gym, and that’s ok.
It is important however to exercise regularly, for our physical and mental wellbeing. This can be as little as going for a walk, but if you want to try some new fun work outs there are plenty of options out there.
If you’re not a fan of the gym or not comfortable going during COVID-19, fear not! Here’s the best alternative workouts for those who hate ehe gym.

Hip-Hop Tabata

You may not have heard of Hip-Hop Tabata before. I stumbled upon this video when I was searching for home workout videos on YouTube during lockdown, and instantly fell in love with it. If you’re someone that finds the gym, or traditional workouts boring, you should definitely give this a try. It is basically a hybrid between hip hop dancing and cardio exercise, with the addition of fun upbeat music. You don’t have to be an amazing dancer to try this workout, it’s suitable for all levels and will seriously make you sweat. The best part of the workout is that you don’t even feel the time going by, which is something I definitely can’t say for a lot of exercises out there.


Boxing has always been a global phenomenon, but the fitness industry has taken this phenomenon and turned it into an all-levels workout that has been popping up all over Dublin in recent years. Don’t worry though, you don’t need to join a gym or take a class – you can do this from the comfort of your own home using a video. It’s no wonder why it has become so popular, especially amongst women. It stimulates all muscle groups, ensuring a total-body workout, and also is fun and empowering at the same time. If you have any built-up anxiety or anger you need to punch out, this is a perfect way to release some of that!

Similar to the Hip-Hop Tabata, Zumba is an aerobic dance workout that is all about fun, energetic and quick movements to upbeat Latin and international music. It combines all elements of fitness- cardio, strength, conditioning and flexibility. While Zumba is traditionally done in classes, you can simply pop on a video and do it from home. Gather some of your friends around and have fun and a laugh, whilst also getting fit.


Yoga is another exercise that can be done by yourself, at home. Yoga is a group of physical and mental exercises, aimed at developing harmony between the two. Yoga has gained enormous popularity in recent years, and it’s easy to see why when you look at the benefits. It improves flexibility, builds muscle strength, perfects your posture, boosts immunity, increases your blood flow, helps you focus and overall makes you happier. Sounds good, right?. All you need is yourself, a yoga mat and some time to yourself to practice yoga and reap the benefits.
Yoga With Adrianne on YouTube is a great place to start.

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Jump Rope

You may associate skipping ropes with when you were a child, but jump rope is a fantastic way to exercise, and can be fun also. As little as 15 minutes of jump rope can burn as much as 300 calories, as it raises your heart rate two to three times higher than other types of exercise. The best part is you only need one piece of equipment – yes you guessed it, a skipping rope. I picked one up in Penneys for 3 euro, or you can get them online. Put on a good playlist, and jump away!
Have you any recommendations for classes or workouts for those who hate the gym?

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