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How To Get Your Driver Licence In Ireland

How To Get Your Driver Licence In Ireland

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How To Get Your Driver Licence In IrelandSo, you’ve turned 17 and now you’re wondering how to get your driver licence in Ireland. We don’t blame you. Being able to drive is no longer a luxury but a necessity for most. And the sooner you start learning the better because it really is just a matter of building up confidence behind the wheel. The only thing is learning to drive in Ireland is a process to say the least. Our Editor, Dani, is also going through it at the moment. We’ve broken it all down and explained the process below.

Getting Your Permit

Firstly, you need to be 17 to apply for your Learner Permit, BUT you can sit your Theory Test before you turn 17 if you’re an eager beaver. The Theory Test costs €45. You can get a book to study, but we recommend the app as it functions as a mock test. From 17 June 2017 anyone sitting the Driver Theory Test is required to present a valid Public Services Card, so make sure you have one. If you don’t have one you can make an appointment to get one either by using  Once you have that you can then book your test online. Once you pass it your are given a certificate. Keep it very safe.

Make sure you are on the ball to get your Provisional Permit because you will need a copy of your Theory Test, evidence of PPSN. ID, proof of your address and an Eye Sight Report from your local opticians and expect to pay €20-30 for it. Check the NDLS website for up to date info because it would be the worst to queue up and not have everything you need. The permit itself costs €35.

Lesson Time

So, your permit has arrived now it’s time for lessons. You must complete 12 lessons with a registered driving instructor before you can sit your test. Your instructor must log you into the system after every lesson or else you will not qualify to sit the driving test. Ask friends and family who they would recommend locally. Depending on where you are and the instructor expect to pay around €350 for 12 lessons. Realistically though you are looking at more than 12.

A Testing Time

Once you have your 12 lessons completed you’re free to apply for your actual Driving Test-yes, it feels like a mammoth journey to get there! The test cost €85. We hope you pass it the first time around but if you don’t you have to keep paying to repeat it. Once you do get that piece of paper though you then need to apply for your Driving License to the cost of €55. And don’t forget you are now required to display the “novice” sign on your car for two years after you pass your test.

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The total cost of learning to drive when you take everything into account is somewhere north of €700 and that’s not even getting into the extortionate insurance rates.

Have you learned how to drive yet?

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