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Irish YouTubers To Subscribe To

Irish YouTubers To Subscribe To

Team Missy

We promised after our post on Irish Bloggers To Follow on Instagram that we would turn it into a bit of a series.

So, here were are, the unofficial part two because we thought we would change it up bit and shine some light on a few of the Irish YouTubers who are taking up some well deserved space on our subscriber list.

Again, we’ve mixed some of the bigger Youtube accounts with smaller up-and-coming ones because we think it’s so important to focus on great videos and people who work hard, as opposed to just numbers.

Retro Flame

Erika Fox has really upped her game when it comes her her brand Retro Flame over the past 2 years. Notice how we say brand and not blog. Yep, Retro Flame the blog is still going from strength to strength, but Erika has vastly expanded her horizons with the addition of her Youtube Channel. Erika maintains a pretty strict upload routine with new videos every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. With a mixture of her fun and insightful blogs, as well as fashion, advice and a bit of travel and beauty too its always top of our viewing list.

Tar Mar

Sure we mentioned Tar Mar in our last list but come on, she totally deserves another mention. Tara has worked hard at her YouTube channel for years and it really shows. There really is such a huge mix of content on her channel, from fashion to beauty as well as a physic reading!!! She is our constant go-to.

Aideen Kate Makeup

Admitting Aideen was a recent discovery for us a few months ago, but she has already influenced the hell out of some of our makeup purchases. We love her chatty and easy to follow tutorials. Also keep an eye out for one of her Masterclasses!

The Makeup Chair

The Makeup Chair problem needs to introduction from us. Sinead Cady has over 1 million subscribers to her channel, which is just unreal! We love her channel for bringing it back to basics for us.

Louise Cooney

Another of our favourite bloggers who’s taken to YouTube is Louise Cooney. Again she’s a regular uploader and it’s easy to see that she puts a lot of work into it. Recent favs included her very detailed and interesting chat with The Skin Nerd.

See Also

Chasing Ruby Chat

If you’re looking to up your makeup game, Erin is the one to look to. We need her makeup skills, please and thank you! There’s a great mix of tutorials, hauls, vlogs and reviews so you’re sure to never be left bored. We love her Cranberry Smokey Eye Tutorial!

Michelle Alice

Yes, we are cheating again, but we have just been really loving Michelle’s YouTube channel. Since moving to Chicago in December Michelle has really thrown herself into the YouTube ring. Although she doesn’t have a ton of followers yet we think definitely think will get there. Subscribe for lots of Chicago, visa/J1 talk as well as an awesome relationship video.

Penneys To Prada

If you’re not following Emer on basically all social media platforms you are missing out. We’ve been big fans of her blog for years, so we were excited to see her launch a YouTube channel recently. Of course there would have to be some Penneys hauls, but also expect vlogs like her awesome Disneyland Trip.

What YouTube channels do you like? Let us know in the comments below so we can check them out!

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