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Looking For A Budget Last Minute Debs Dress? We’ve Got You Covered

Looking For A Budget Last Minute Debs Dress? We’ve Got You Covered

Team Missy

The Debs can out a lot of pressure on you and your family to splash the cash. From tickets, to hair, makeup, nails, tan, spending money; the evening all adds up very quickly. And then there’s the dress.

If you have the money and want to spend it on your Debs, go for it. But don’t feel pressure to go all out. The Debs is about the experience and having a good time, not about how much money you end up spending. Surprisingly, one of the easiest areas to save in when it comes to the dress. Yes, really. There are so many option now when it comes to dresses. From ASOS, to Nasty Gal and even Boohoo, there are some great debs dresses to be gotten online that don’t cost a fortune.

We’ve rounded up some of the best budget debs dresses that we came across all under or around €100.

Some Advice For Buying A Debs Dress

If you’re unsure, you can’t go wrong with a black dress. A black dress will get so many wears well after the Debs. It’s also idea if you’re worried about someone having the same dress. It’s harder to identify black dresses as being the same. And accessories change the whole look anyway.

Choose something that you feel confident in, there’s nothing worse than feeling conscious for the night. And don’t be afraid to differ from the “tradition” debs look. We’ll have alternative debs options tomorrow on

Finding A Budget Debs Dress

Another top tip for finding a budget debs dress is to ask your older friends and family if they have a debs dress gathering dust in their wardrobe and barrow that.

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Also check out vintage and charity shops and go for a deep dive on Depop.

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