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Alternatives To A Traditional Debs Dress

Alternatives To A Traditional Debs Dress

Sorcha Kennedy

If you’re like me and are struggling to find a debs dress you love, you may prefer one of these options instead. Who says you have to wear the typical debs dress? You can make a statement in a suit or add a unique flare with a two piece! Here are a few alternatives to a debs dress…


If you’re more comfortable in pants then in skirts, why not wear a jumpsuit? They are just as flattering and as glam as a dress. Add some sequins and you’ll definitely be best dressed at your debs! Here are some gorg jumpsuits that are perfect for the occasion…


Your debs is the perfect day to channel your inner Harry Styles with a statement suit. It’s comfy, bold, and you can wear it again! Keep it lowkey with muted colours like classic black or go crazy with the glitter…

Two Piece

If you aren’t feeling bold enough for the previous two, why not try a two piece. It is just different enough, without being too crazy. There are so many cute options for two pieces, here are a few…

Short Dress

And last but not least, why not wear a short dress? Just like suits and jumpsuits, short dresses are more likely to be worn again. Plus, it’ll add a unique edge to your look! Here are some super cute short dresses that’ll definitely turn heads…

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