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Love Hailey Bieber’s Holographic Liner? Here’s How To Recreate The Look!

Love Hailey Bieber’s Holographic Liner? Here’s How To Recreate The Look!

Jessie Bennett

Hailey Bieber recently shared a makeup look on her Instagram that got a lot of attention. Not because it was outrageously complex or colourful, but rather for it’s simplistic yet ultra glam feel.

The source of the glam? A no-makeup-makeup-look and striking holographic liner! If you’re thinking you’ll never be able to recreate such a cool winged eyeliner look, think again because it’s surprisingly simple…

How To Recreate Hailey’s Holographic Liner…

Hailey’s Holographic liner is surprisingly easy to recreate! The secret? Eyeliner stickers! Yep, you read that right, the liner is created using stick ons. Here are a few places you can purchase…

Face Lace

Face Lace by Phyllis Cohen is the brand used by Euphoria makeup artist, Donni Davy. They have some amazing eyeliner and face stickers to make any look ultra glam!

Simi & Haze

Hailey’s holographic liner stickers are thanks to Simi & Haze. Like Face Lace, they’re a US brand, however they don’t ship to Ireland. You can always work around this by using An Post’s Address Pal service!

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A simple search for ‘eyeliner stickers’ or ‘holographic liner’ on Etsy will give you all of the Hailey Bieber inspired looks you desire!

What do you think of Hailey’s holographic liner look? will you be purchasing any eyeliner stickers?

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