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Neptune Is In Retrograde, but what does that actually mean?

Neptune Is In Retrograde, but what does that actually mean?

Jessie Bennett
Neptune Is In Retrograde

Neptune is in Retrograde as of June 25th 2021. Whilst you’ve probably all heard of Mercury Retrograde, Neptune in Retrograde isn’t spoken about as much. Here’s what Neptune being in Retrograde means…

What is Neptune Retrograde?

The planet Neptune, in astrology, is widely associated with Neptune the mythical ruler of sea. Neptune is often associated with creativity, fantasy, illusion and dreams. When Neptune falls into Retrograde, it becomes associated with the opposite of the above. Many describe is as “the fog lifting” or “getting a reality check.” When the planet is in retrograde, it’s a great time to see past the ideas that may have been holding you back from certain things in life.

Will it effect me?

Neptune is quite far away from Earth, meaning it won’t have a direct impact on us as it goes into Retrograde. However, whilst it’s happening, Neptune will have an effect on other planets closer to us which means it will impact other star signs more so than others.

It will occur under Pisces which means “you may find that your dreamworld becomes more active and vivid. You may also feel more psychically sensitive or creative, so make sure you’re finding ways to stay grounded and centered.” (

How long will it last?

It started on June 25th 2021, and will end on December 1st 2021.

The first major date to be aware of in this time period is August 24th. Lying on this day might not be the best idea, as you’ll likely get found out. This is due to Neptune opposing Mercury.  On September 2nd, Neptune opposes Mars which may lead to conflict.

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This is a time when we may get a bit of a reality shock and realise things about ourselves and those around us that we may not have noticed before. This can be positive and/or negative.

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