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Desk Essentials For Online School!

Desk Essentials For Online School!

Róisín Lynch

We’ve been doing online school and working from home for a little bit longer than we first anticipated! It’s perfectly acceptable to be getting a bit tired of the whole thing by now. Some new stationary and a refresh of your work space could be what you need to get the motivation back up! Here are some desk essentials while you are doing online school and working from home that will help boost your productivity!

A Nice Set of Stationary

Who doesn’t love stationary? Treat yourself to some new pens, notebooks and highlighters that you will be excited to use and will make your everyday study that bit more exciting. Paperchase have a gorgeous notebook selection that is bound to get you motivated! have a great selection of highlighters and pens. Just look at these Sweet scented highlighters and this set of gel ink pens by KACO. 

Stationary Organiser

It’s difficult for anyone to focus when their desk is a mess. A little organisation can help clear your mind out and make you feel a little bit more willing to sit down and get your work done. How gorgeous are these recycled gold and pewter paisley pen pots on or this Qualsen Pen Holder Desk Organiser. 

Good Lighting

Good lighting is necessary when you are studying. A lamp can serve as a fabulous decoration for your desk while also providing that necessary lighting! You don’t have to splash out. IKEA have some nice cheap and cheerful lamps. This SVALLET lamp is only €3.50 and has a nice and classy design that would work with most bedroom designs. Another option is this RASEGEL light bulb table lamp. 

Desk Plant

Add a bit of nature to your desk with a little plant! We spend a lot of time at our desks so a little bit of nature is always nice on the eyes. These owl themed planter pots are so cute or this set of FEJKA artificial potted plants.

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A Photo Of Your Nearest and Dearest

When your workload is feeling a little heavy, it’s nice to be able to look over and see a photo that has meaning to you. It’s a nice reminder that there is life outside of the project you are working on. During the pandemic it’s a nice reminder of what we have to look forward to when this is all over. This photo cube is a good idea or this friends collage photo frame that you can fill with 10 of your favourite moments with your friends.

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