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Sort Your Summer Sleep Schedule in Time For September

Sort Your Summer Sleep Schedule in Time For September

Sophie Coffey
Sort your summer sleep schedule in time for September

If after the recent months off you feel the need to sort your summer sleep schedule in time for September then you are far from alone.A combination of late nights and late lie-ins tend to create a rather haphazard holiday sleep routine. While this might be relaxing and suitable for your time off, chances are you need a little more energy and subsequently sleep to get through those busy school weeks. For some advice on how to train yourself back into a routine check out our six top tips!

Create a routine

Consistency is key when it comes to setting any form of schedule and sleep is no different. Throughout the summer months it is likely that you have been both going to bed and waking up at varying times. To combat this, begin to settle your body and circadian rhythm into something that resembles the routine you will require once school returns. For maximum benefit aim to get into this routine for a few nights ahead of the return to school.

Calculate your hours of sleep

We are all well-versed in the general advice that teenagers require 8-10 hours of sleep per night. When setting a routine be aware of how many hours of shut eye you are truly getting. Going to bed for 10pm might sound like a great idea but be honest with yourself if you are not actually falling asleep until after midnight. Be realistic with your calculations so you can adjust them accordingly.

Don’t discount breakfast

With most of us getting up later during the summer we tend to eat our breakfasts later too. Not only will getting used to eating breakfast earlier help you get back into a routine, but it will also provide you with additional energy. Hunger or a lack of nutritious food can make you sluggish and add to any existing tiredness. Instead, a nourishing breakfast can help set you up for the day. And if you are looking for something new to try then check out our article for some tasty breakfast inspiration.

Cut out the coffee

Speaking as a coffee addict, I recognize that this is easier said than done! However, over the summer a combination of take-away drinks and the easy access to the kettle at home may be contributing to an increase in your caffeine intake. To break this automatic habit, try to reduce your coffee consumption throughout the day. Additionally, setting a time in the evening after which point you do not drink coffee will help improve the quality of any sleep you get that night.

Reduce evening technology use

The holidays usually involve far more time spent on our phones, often at the expense of our sleep. While this is a lecture usually reiterated by our parents there is undeniable truth to the concept. Primarily being on your phone into the late hours of the night will reduce how many hours of sleep you get. However, it will also negatively impact any sleep that you do obtain due to the effects of blue light.

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Find a method to wind down

A return to a more school-suited sleep schedule is likely to involve going to bed earlier. If you find yourself struggling to fall asleep at an earlier time, consider activities that will help to calm your mind. Evening meditation or yoga stretches are great options to relax your body. Alternatively spending fifteen minutes in bed reading a book (not a kindle) will help calm your mind. Setting aside some time each evening to wind down after your day will prove beneficial once the chaos of term-time returns.

Do you have any tips to sort your summer sleep schedule in time for September?

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