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Penneys Have Relaunched Their My Perfect Colour Range

Penneys Have Relaunched Their My Perfect Colour Range

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My Perfect Colour Primark

It takes a lot to get me excited about makeup and I haven’t really been too excited about much in the world of beauty for a while, but I think that’s going to change with the arrival of the PS…My Perfect Colour collection from Penneys/Primark!

The My Perfect Colour collection isn’t entirely new, but it has just been relaunched to include more shades (there’s 16 to choose from!) and even better formulas.

Here’s a rundown of the collection, plus my stand-out products…


PS…My Perfect Colour Foundation and Contour Stick, €3

My Perfect Colour Foundation and Contour Stick

As a rule I’m not a huge fan of stick foundations, but I do think that they can be handy for doing your makeup on the go. What I do like is that this doubles as a contour stick and it blends really well too. Go one or two shades darker than your normal foundation shade to use as a contour.

PS…My Perfect Colour Perfect Finish Foundation, €3

My Perfect Colour Perfect Finish Foundation, €3

This creamy foundation provides medium coverage for flawless skin that still looks natural. The addition of Silicone Elastomer blurs pores to help achieve a natural and even finish. A semi-matte finish keeps any excess oil at bay while Vitamin E and Vitamin C keep skin hydrated.

Kind random, but it seems nice too!

PS…My Perfect Colour Double Coverage Matte Foundation, €6

Dupe Alert!

This one is V similar to the cult favourite, Estée Lauder Double Wear Foundation, but with €30 in the difference.

This provides full coverage that lasts all day. It’s oil-free, which is ideal if you suffer from acne. The matte finish also helps control excess oil. Even though it has a lot of oil-busting properties, it also has Vitamin E which helps to maintain the skin’s moisture balance and prevent your skin from drying out.

PS…My Perfect Colour Glow Foundation, €6

I’m not a fan of this one BUT only because it doesn’t suit my skin type. This would be great if you have dry skin or slightly combination skin. The coverage is really buildable and natural, so maybe ideal for school wear, if you are so inclined. It also has SPF 30 in it.

PS…My Perfect Colour Matte Foundation, €4

For the moment this is the foundation that I’m really loving out of the range. It works well with my oily skin type, doesn’t feel heavy on the skin and gives a natural, but good coverage finish. Love!


PS…My Perfect Colour Concealer Stick, €1.50

Stick concealer brings back bad makeup memories from my teens (Miss Sporty, anyone?), but they are very, very good for hiding spots. The reason? The formula is thicker than liquid concealers, so there’s better coverage and it lasts longer. For €1.50, you can’t go wrong by having this in your makeup bag.

PS…My Perfect Colour Ultra Longwear Concealer, €3

If you like a more full-coverage, liquid concealer this one should tick all of the boxes for you. It helps reduce the appearance of dark circles and imperfections. I like that it’s infused with Hyaluronic Acid, which helps keep the skin hydrated.

PS…My Perfect Colour Liquid Concealer, €2

I’m not a fan of heavy concealers. They feel gross and just seem to dry out. This has a really light, almost serum-like texture to it, which makes it perfect for under the eyes.

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PS…My Perfect Colour Perfect Loose Mineral Powder, €2.50

I’m not a big believer in the super-expensive setting powders. I have the Laura Mercier Invisible Loose Setting Powder and I’m under-whelmed to say the least. This offering is just as good, if not better in my opinion.

PS…My Perfect Colour Foundation Pressed Powder, €2.50

I’ll die on a hill saying this but, DON’T BUY EXPENSIVE POWDERS FOR YOUR HANBAG! It never ends well. €3 is more than enough to pay for a handbag powder; making this one perfect!

It comes with a handy mirror and a sponge for application. It’s a bit thicker than ordinary powder, so it’s ideal for touching-up makeup that has started to wear off.

PS…My Perfect Colour Luminous Glow, €3.50

This is another stand-out product for me. I love how it gives a glow to my skin without making me look sweaty or like a disco ball. I’m using “Light Brown” as a contour and “Porcelain” to set the Matte Foundation.

In all the My Perfect Colour collection from Primark/Penneys is really solid. At the moment I’m loving the combo of the Matte Foundation, Liquid Concealer and the Luminous Glow Setting Powder. I think that there’s something for everyone in the collection no matter your skin-type or skin-tone. The prices are also really great – everything is between €1.50 and €6.

Also, just a reminder that all products in the Primark/Penneys range are cruelty free.

Have you tried anything from the Primark My perfect Colour Collection? I’d love to know what you liked!

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