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The Biggest Celeb Glow Ups

The Biggest Celeb Glow Ups

Alice O'Donnell

The decade which most of us grew up in has come and gone. And it was not only us who changed in those ten years. The decade saw many celebrities emerge, while others disappeared from fame. However, some celebrities managed to not only retain their fame, but to have a glow up – not just professionally, but in their personal life also.

Here are the best celeb glow ups ever…


Lizzo has arguably had one of the best 2019. She’s been launched to career stardom, her music virtually overnight becoming viral hits, and currently has 8 pending nominations for the Grammy Awards. However, Lizzo has not always enjoyed this level of success; ten years ago, her life was a very different story. She was living in a car, desperately trying to break into the music industry and uploading covers onto YouTube. After her own period of low self-image and metal health issues, Lizzo’s music began to reflect and encourage the now popular idea of body positivity, and as she goes from strength to strength, so too does her message of self-love.

Billie Eilish

At the beginning of the last decade Billie Eilish was a normal, unknown eight-year-old. By the end, she was the youngest person ever to be nominated for the top 4 categories at the Grammys (Record of the Year, Song of the Year, Album of the Year and Best New Artist). Billie, along with her brother Finneas, has captivated the world and have recently been announced as the new performers of the next James Bond theme song. Despite her young age, Billie has been managed to retain a healthy balance between fame and her personal life, and has kept a healthy perspective on fame, unlike previous young people who suddenly find themselves in the world’s spotlight. Plus, her music is pretty amazing if we say so ourselves.

Lady Gaga

At the beginning of this decade, Gaga paraded that infamous meat dress, she ended the decade as an academy awards winner actress. A glow up? We’d say so. We love that Lady Gaga has been able to branch into other creative outlets, such as acting in the critical acclaimed A Star Is Born, and yet is still able to remain true to her eccentric persona of Lady Gaga. In 2012 she also set up, along with her mother, her own charity Born This Way Foundation, which focuses on youth empowerment. It has run since its inception to present day programmes for young people which involve a range of topics, from leadership roles to culinary skills.

Dylan and Cole Sprouse

Perhaps the two most famous twins in the world (sorry Mary-Kate and Ashley!), these two boys have definitely had a good decade. After beginning acting at the tender age of 8 months in the American sitcom Grace Under Fire, the two got their big break in 2005 when they got the title roles of The Suite Life of Zach and Cody, which ran until 2011. Unlike other Disney child stars, the twins have managed to juggle fame with humility and humour. While the brothers still act, such as Cole being one of the main actors in the hit TV show Riverdale and Dylan landing a role in the sequel to After, they also seem to be enjoying adulthood, and lead private lives. In the last decade, they managed to successfully branch away from Disney, and integrate into the adult acting world.

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Meghan Markle

I mean, if you end the decade a princess, surely that’s a win? At the beginning of 2010, Meghan Markle was a struggling actress searching for a job. Her big break came when she was cast as one of the main characters in the hugely successful drama Suits, which ran from 2011 to 2017, and after becoming engaged to Prince Harry in 2017, she gave up acting and dedicated herself to charity work. Despite the harshness of all the recent press, she remained graceful and calm – a true princess indeed. When it comes to celeb glow ups, this is probably the ultimate one!

Harry Styles

We cannot believe that Harry Styles was first introduced to our screens, and hearts, in 2010 with The X Factor. Seriously, a decade ago?! After being catapulted to stardom in 1D, the band toured the world before going on indefinite hiatus in 2016 (throw-back to those tears we shed!) However, what’s really shown Harry’s glow up is how he has gone about forging his own identity in the aftermath of being such a global star. After acting in the massively acclaimed Dunkirk, he went on to release his album Fine Lines, which broke sales records in the US. We really love Harry’s new fashion style (pun unintended), which allows his uniqueness to shine through. Who knew pearls could looks so good?

Who are your favourite celeb glow ups?

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