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This Is The Perfume You Should Be Wearing Based On Your Star Sign

This Is The Perfume You Should Be Wearing Based On Your Star Sign

Jessie Bennett

Your Star Sign can say a lot about you, it can even help determine what perfume you should be wearing.

Whether you’re a practical Virgo or a fiery Leo, here is the perfume you should be wearing based on your Star Sign:




Aries are known for being bold, diving head first into situations. Aries is also a fan of being the centre of attention, striving to be number one in every situation. Viktor & Rolf’s ‘Flowerbomb’ is the perfect scent for this star sign.
Full-bodied and opulent, Flowerbomb explodes into a bouquet of sensations with its addictive floral notes which leave their trail, like a whirlwind that is distinctly couture. 
Flowerbomb is certain to assist in Aries mission to be notice, and leave a lasting impression.


Lancome ‘Miracle’


Taurus is an earth sign. Represented by the bull, Taurus enjoys relaxing in the outdoors. They find serenity in nature. A nice relaxing, soothing perfume is the perfect choice for Taurus. Lancome’s ‘Miracle’ is perfect for this.
A vibrant, sparkling fragrance that opens like the dawning of a new day with fresh, dewy notes of Lychee and Freesia. Its spicy heart echoes with notes of Magnolia, Jasmine, Ginger and Pepper as its warm base notes envelop you in the sensual splendour of Amber and Musk.
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Chloé Eau de Parfum


Gemini is represented on the zodiac by the celestial twins. Considering Gemini’s innate indecisiveness this makes a lot of sense. Chloé’s Eau de Parfum is the perfect fragrance for this star sign.
A fresh and feminine fragrance suited to a free spirit with an utterly innate sense of chic.
This perfume combines fresh floral scents with subtle intimations of deeper fragrances amber and cedarwood.


Dior ‘Miss Dior’


If you’re star sign is Cancer, then you’re probably extremely emotionally intuitive. You keep a hard exterior but on the inside you’re a complete empath.
Miss Dior is a great perfume for your star sign. A musky undertone is paired perfectly with soft mandarin notes.
Enticing women since 1947, Miss Dior proves that woody perfumes can be fresh and feminine. This fun fragrance is light enough to be worn on a summer day.
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Jimmy Choo ‘Jimmy Choo’


Leos are the kings and queens of the zodiac, and boy do they know it. Leos tend to be warm and passionate, with a strong personality.
Inspired by modern women – strong, empowered, beautiful, seductive and alluring with a mysterious sense of confident sensuality.
Jimmy Choo’s original fragrance aptly named ‘Jimmy Choo’, is the perfect perfume for Leo.


Emporio Armani ‘Diamonds’


Virgos are known for their practicality. Virgos are also extremely loyal, and tend to be perfectionists.
The sensory blend is a surprising gourmand fragrance to give a stone a flavour and to a woman a self confident and audacious feeling. A sparkling, juicy, irresistible, absolutely feminine and assertive fragrance is born.
Virgos are incredibly genuine, they stand up for others and take great pride in themselves. The assertive fragrances found in ‘Diamonds’ will suit this star sign.


Chanel ‘Coco Mademoiselle’


Represented by the scales, Libra strives for equilibrium. A balance is extremely important to this star sign. Chanel’s ‘Coco Mademosiselle’ is a perfect balance of fragrances.
An oriental fragrance with a strong personality, yet surprisingly fresh.
Sparks of fresh and vibrant orange immediately awaken the senses. A clear and sensual heart reveals the transparent accords of Jasmine and Rose. The trail unfurls the pure accents of Patchouli and Vetiver that emphasise the slender structure of the composition.


Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium


Scorpio can have a fiery and passionate personality, much like Leo. However, Scorpio is not a fire sign but instead an earth sign. Meaning they’re very grounded. Scorpio’s can be very emotional, and determined.
YSL’s ‘Black Opium’ fragrance is perfect for Scorpio.
Confident & bold, the Black Opium woman embodies the Yves Saint Laurent spirit.
Free and self-confident, she expresses a femininity glamorous yet impertinent. Always searching for new experiences, nothing will stop her.
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Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Eau Intense


Sagittarius loves adventure. Represented by the archer, Sagittarius is a trailblazer of sorts. They crave knowledge and love to travel.
Dolce & Gabbana’s ‘Light Blue Eau Intense’ is the perfect match in a perfume for Sagittarius.
A more intense escape into the Mediterranean blue.
With a tangy sharp, addictive duo of scents: luminous lemon and crisp green apple.
With its fruity and floral facets, elegant marigold blends this accord into heart notes: a wave of glowing, heady jasmine petals.
Its signature dry down of lustrous amber woods and precious musks melts into sun-kissed skin, unfurls into a vibrant, sensuously scented wake.
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Lancôme La Vie Est Belle


Capricorns are known for being very headstrong, and dare I say stubborn? There’s absolutely nothing wrong with knowing what you want and going after it. Capricorns are strong. So they need a strong perfume to match their star sign.
This gourmand yet elegant composition is a universal declaration to the beauty of life. A unique olfactory signature perfume scent created by three of France’s leading perfumers.
Iris is the key ingredient of this floral Eau de Parfum, surrounded by orange blossoms and jasmine in the heart.


Dolce & Gabbana The One Eau


Aquarius’ are known for their originality. A spontaneous visionary, Aquarius needs a perfume with an attitude. This is what makes Dolce & Gabbana’s ‘The One’ the perfect match for this star sign.
The One is a warm, oriental floral, with modern sensuality. A fragrance with a strong personality, and a contrasting golden sweetness. A true diva and beautiful superstar in her own right, she personifies unabashed femininity. Defiant, liberated and passionate. Her look is always spectacular and glorious. A gorgeous chameleon with a soulful heart.
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Nina Ricci ‘Nina’


Last but not least is Pisces. Pisces are known for being very creative, with a powerful imagination. Sociable and a romantic at heart, Nina Ricci’s fairytale inspired fragrance will suit Pisces down to the ground! The bottle will also look super cute on Pisces vanity table.
The composition starts sparkly and spontaneous, just like a carefree laughter with the fresh citrus notes of lemon and lime. The sweet gourmand heart is juicy and caramelly due to candied apple, praline note and vanilla whose opulent veil wraps the softly sweet peony and the Moonflower. Finally the apple tree, white cedar and balmy musk notes are touching your skin with their warm and soft sensuality.
What do you think of our perfume matches based on your Star Sign?

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