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The Products That Helped Us Through January

The Products That Helped Us Through January

Sophie Coffey

January is not typically a month that we tend to approach with bubbling eagerness and joy! In fact, most of us stagger reluctantly through the first few weeks of the new year instead. 

A combination of the wintry weather and the Covid-19 situation may have made this a tougher January than most. For some motivation to help you tackle the rest of the year with a spring in your step, we have rounded up some of our favourite products this January.

Coffee Cups

I love coffee. That could be an article all of its own. However, I have managed to restrain myself to this gorgeous offering of coffee mugs instead! There is one benefit of studying from home and that is proximity to the kettle! Fill one of these mugs with your favourite hot drink for an instant boost of warmth and encouragement.

Recipe Books

We might not be heading out to restaurants this January but in no way does that mean settling on our food. There are recipe books available for every budget, cooking level and dietary preference. Why not put some of your excess time into whipping up a delicious warming dinner or tasty lunch.

Pamper Products

January is the most Monday-like month of the year. To combat or at least reduce some of the stresses of the season then a relaxing night is perfect. We have curated some of our favourite pamper products into this collection with everything from face masks to foot scrubs!

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Diaries and Planners

Unfortunately, there was no option for a refund when it came to either the year 2020 or the ultimately useless diaries and planners we bought. Our calendars are still quieter this year but when the dark January evenings creep in, organising and planning can really help with motivation. With a lot of our days turning into repeats of one another, managing your time can help you challenge the dispirited pandemic slump.


With all of our study now taking place at home, it can be hard to motivate yourself. This is definitely a sign of how easily amused I am, but I gain great motivation out of having some new stationary! Nothing beats a fresh new notebook. If colourful pens help you be productive then get ready for a rainbow of colour!

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