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Top Tips Before You Get A Piercing

Top Tips Before You Get A Piercing

Caoimhe Mahon

School is out and summer is here so there is no better time to get a piercing.

Whether this is your very first piercing or you are planning on experimenting with more piercings there are a few things you should always consider before you get one. Here are your top tips for getting a new piercing…

Before You Get Pierced

When you are thinking about getting a piercing, research and planning are key.

So, what should you look out for? When deciding on where to get your piercing make sure you familiarise yourself with placement names. At times all of the different names can seem confusing and if you are trying to decide on placement whilst sitting in the piercers chair it can get a little overwhelming. To avoid all this stress just look up placement ideas so you know your tragus from your daith and your lobe from your rook before committing.

Once you have decided on your piercing placement the next step is to research a good studio. Take some time to read the reviews to make sure it is reputable. Also ask friends and family for recommendations.

It is advised by piercing professionals that you get pierced using a sterile single-use needle and not with a gun. Places like Maria Tash and specialist piercers like BePierced and Dublin Ink are a good place to start for research.

The Day Is Here

On the day of your appointment make sure to fuel up before you get pierced. This means food is your friend to avoid any chances of low blood sugar or potential dizziness after you are pierced. Most people are fine getting a piercing but just to be on the safe side.

Yes, it will hurt a little when getting it done but this will not last long. Do not worry though, each piercing is different and everyone’s experiences are different too. Therefore, do not be put off by someone else’s opinion on their piercing. Whilst you may want someone there to hold your hand make sure you choose carefully who to bring or even who not to bring. You want to make sure you are calm so get rid of all that negative energy so you can enjoy getting dazzled up.

Your piercer is there to help you and make you feel at ease so do not hesitate to ask any questions you may have. They will be happy to help and believe me asking your questions will help you feel comfortable and confident especially regarding how to look after your piercing.

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After Care

The conditions you are pierced in should be completely sterile for hygiene purposes, so when you leave the studio it is important that you keep up with cleaning and taking care of your piercing.

Through the initial days that follow your piercing there may not be sports that you are allowed to do, for example swimming, but do not panic this is only temporary to help with the healing. Avoid touching the piercing a lot and wash the area multiple times per day with a cleaning solution.

Piercings are fun and stylish ways of adding to your unique look. If you follow these simple tips before getting your piercing the process will be a breeze and then the end result will be a very pretty piercing to show off all summer.

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