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What Birthday Gift To Buy Your Bestie Based On Their Zodiac Signs

What Birthday Gift To Buy Your Bestie Based On Their Zodiac Signs

Sorcha Kennedy

Buying a birthday present for your bestie is always a challenge.

There’s a lot of pressure to pick the perfect present that they’ll love. Normally, asking your other friends for guidance will help, but did you know that you can also consult their star sign? Each zodiac sign has unique traits that dictate their behaviour and interests.

I’ve combined a list of gift ideas for each zodiac sign based on their unique personalities!

Your Aries friend is most likely competitive and will get mad if you beat them at monopoly. Aries’ are notoriously passionate and ambitious, ready to take the world by storm! Therefore, a brand new planner is the perfect gift idea for them. With this they can organise their time and ponder their plan for world domination.

As a Taurus myself, I can confirm that we are self-proclaimed introverts. We are definitely somebody’s and enjoy alone time in our private sanctuaries. As an earth sign, we are in tune with nature and love relaxing in a serene environment. For your Taurus friend a cute plant pot or cosy bedroom decor is the perfect gift choice!

Gemini’s are usually the comedians of the group, they love making everyone laugh. They enjoy having fun and getting into all sorts of trouble! Because of this, a silly gift will always make a Gemini smile. This can be something like a satirical book or a hilariously weird teddy. If your friend is particularly musical, why not get them an album by a fellow Gemini musician like Kanye or Stevie Nicks?

Cancer’s are extremely sensitive and tend to take on other peoples problems, which can get overwhelming. They put the feelings of others above their own and often forget to take care of themselves. Therefore, a journal is an ideal gift for a Cancer. They can let out all their emotions in one place and allow themselves to vent.

Leo’s are warm and extremely loyal to their friends, and they love luxury! They can’t help but be attracted to shiny things and ornate objects, it’s in their blood. So, of course, jewellery is the obvious choice!

Virgos are practical and logical, they can solve a problem within a few minutes. They are full of ideas and enjoy expanding their knowledge. A great gift would be tickets for a panic room where they can put their solving skills to the test! Or a puzzle to keep them occupied for a while.

Libras are always away in their own fantasy land. They hate being alone and often daydream when they are. For your libra friend, bedtime themed presents are perfect! They’ll love everything from natural sleep spray, pyjamas or a calming bath bomb.

Scorpios are probably the coolest of all. They can be intimidating but their charismatic and cool demeanour means they make interesting friends. I think that a statement leather jacket is a perfect gift for your Scorpio bestie!

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Sagittarius are always the friendliest people! They base all their opinions on emotions and are obsessed with self-improvement. They love chasing adventures and would spend their lives travelling if they could. Because of this travel-based gifts are always a great choice for them!

The Capricorn is always the “mom” of the group. They are always making sure everyone’s ok and are always prepared for every situation. They are organised and responsible, but still love their fun! Some cute stationery will get a great reaction from your Capricorn bff.

Aquarius’s are usually humanitarians who love the planet and those who live there. They are independent and really value their personal freedom. They can often be a little weird but that’s what makes them so great! A tote bag with a cute message or graphic is the perfect gift for an eco-conscious Aquarius.

Pisces are wise and childlike all at the same time! They probably tell you about their dreams daily and think everything is a “sign” from the universe. They definitely believe in star signs and probably love crystals! Spiritual based gifts will definitely make a Pisces smile on their birthday!

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