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Why It’s Ok Not To Have It All Figured Out

Why It’s Ok Not To Have It All Figured Out

Ella Morley

It can be very overwhelming when you start to think about your life.  To look at the question where will I be in ten years’ time?  We can stress over not knowing the answer rather remembering that nobody can predict exactly where they will be in ten years’ time or even tomorrow. When we find ourselves in this situation and thinking like this, it is very important to be aware of a number of things:

Change is constant

The only thing that is constant in life is change. Cliché for a reason.  From small things such as your favourite colour to your friend group, everything and I mean everything can change in a split second. Unpredictable things happen to everyone.

Take the pandemic as an example; imagine how many plans it is disrupting and continues to disrupt. No one could have predicted it. If things don’t go fully to plan because of a slight change that you never guessed would happen, the best thing to do is embrace it.

Go with the flow. Use it to your advantage and take it in your stride. Even now, with some extra time on your hands, use it, maybe to reflect on your life or write that book or song you have always wanted to.

Take one step at a time

Break down your goal. If you simply say to yourself, I want to start a small business by the end of the year period, chances are that it’s not going to happen. You must simply take one step at a time and say what can I do today that will make this goal easier. Do some research, you’ve got this. Brainstorming is another valuable resource that will take you a step closer to that all important finish line.

Taking it one step at a time will also help brace you for any small changes you might encounter and help you adjust quickly as needed. Doing small tasks one by one will provide you with the strong basis you need for your goal and ensures that it is far more lightly to happen.

No one else has it all figured out

Contrary to popular belief  the majority of people do not have a great plan. They are simply experimenting and if it works great and if it doesn’t then at least they tried. What do you have to lose by doing the same? No one knows what the future holds, so enjoy today.

It is not worth stressing over. That will not help you get anywhere. Rushing to figure things out only leads to bad decisions. Worrying about needing to have it all figured out obsessively is unhealthy. Stressing too much will only do damage to your mental health and besides you already have enough on your plate.

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Do not limit yourself

Planning out every detail of your life leaves no room for the things you are yet to discover. You develop tunnel vision and you stop seeing the chances around you as they do not fit into your plan then you may miss the opportunity to explore these chances. Therefore, by planning everything out to the last minute you may end up limiting yourself.

Let your dreams develop along the way. Your path may change suddenly and that’s ok. Take your time and see just what life has to offer. You may spot something that you never thought of doing before and it might just become a new hobby or potentially a life-changing career. Think of all the things you might be missing out on if you have your life planned meticulously.

Next time you find yourself stressed over the fact that you do not have it all figured out, follow these guidelines. Remember that you are certainly not alone in feeling this way and by simply talking it over with someone or writing down your feelings can be a great way to rid yourself of this anxiety.

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