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00’s Pop Stars You Would Have Been Obsessed With

00’s Pop Stars You Would Have Been Obsessed With

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Even though I know I’m not exactly old (I’m only 27!) sometimes the generational gap between me and readers becomes glaringly obvious.

Case in point; Britney Spears.

Sure, you’ve heard of her, but it only dawned on me recently that most of you weren’t probably weren’t even alive when Britney ruled the whole damn world.

And that got me thinking about some other 00’s pop stars you mightn’t know, but who you should add to your Spotify playlist ASAP.

Britney Spears

In a time before Spotify, YouTube, all social media and basically the internet, Britney Spears ruled. She was the most famous woman on the planet. Like, her second album released in 2000 sold 1.4 million in its first week in the US alone. I know that’s not a lot when you see Taylor Swift swooping in with 65.2 million views on YouTube in 24 hours, but again there was no social media. 1.4 million people had to actually leave their home and buy the album in a store. Madness!

Baby One More Time is obvs iconic, but you also need to listen to Crazy, Toxic, Stronger, Oops I Did It Again.

Britney has had a hard time over the past number of years but she’ll always be our music icon!

Samantha Mumba

Did you know that Ireland once came so close to having a Queen of Pop? True story.

Samantha Mumba was HUGE for all of like a year in 2001, but she had some seriously banging tunes like Gotta Tell You, Baby Come On Over and Always Come Back To Your Love.

For some reason Samantha tried to make a movie career happen (it did not happen) and was unable to follow-up her mega successful first album with another. But we’ll always have Gotta Tell You!

Avril Lavigne

When Avril Lavigne burst onto the pop scene in 2002 she was a breath of fresh air. At the time we had come to expect a certain appearance from popstars, but Avril was completely different; the difference being that she looked and acted like a normal girl. Avril also wrote a lot of her own music and played guitar.

Her debut single Complicated is still a tune and “Ska8er Boy” so fun to sing along to.

Christina Aguilera

Another one-time pop princess was Christina Aguilera. If you think the there was bad blood between Katy Perry and Taylor Swift you obv didn’t live through the cold war between Christina and Britney back in the early 00’s.

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Christina was known for changing up her music and look regularly, but it kinda stopped working for her towards the end of the 00’s. Christina now does the rounds on reality TV shows such as The Voice US.

Genie In A Bottle is still a bop 20 years on. Christina’s song Beautiful was famously covered by Damian in Mean Girls so you know its beyond iconic.

Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson won the very first season of Pop Idol US way back in 2002, but instead of fading into oblivion like 99% of talent show winners Kelly carved out an amazing singing career for herself.

Her second album “Breakaway” is one of the best pop albums ever made. Fact! Since U Been Gone is the most ultimate break song ever written and Stronger should be the official anthem of the Leaving Cert.

Are you a fan of 00’s pop stars?

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