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10 Amazing Halloween Makeup Looks You HAVE To See

10 Amazing Halloween Makeup Looks You HAVE To See

Team Missy
10 Amazing Halloween Makeup Looks You HAVE To See

Forget Christmas, Halloween is the most wonderful time of the year. Fact!

Reason 1 million why we love Halloween; all of the amazing Halloween makeup looks doing the rounds on Instagram.

Here’s some of our favourites to give you some Halloween makeup inspiration..

Melting Clown

We LIVE for Aideen’s Halloween makeup looks, and she is not disappointing this year!

How cool is this look?

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice

Another of our all-time faves is Keilidh.

We are OBSESSED with her Beetlejuice look! Keilidh has done a full tutorial for the look over on her Insta! Thanks gal!

Glam Lion

Doing cat makeup for Halloween is a bit #basic, but we stan this unreal glitter lion look. We just know that the mammies will have a melt-down over the glitter though!

Pumpkin, but make it glitter

Another glitter look that we are obsessing over is this pumpkin look!

Gangster Clown

Clowns are going to be *the* makeup look of Halloween 2019, but we honestly don’t think we’ll see better than this! Look at those blending skills!

Melting Skeleton

Half and half looks are very popular at the moment, but this has to be one of our favourites! Thankfully Desi provided us with a full tutorial for the look.

See Also

We had to include another clown look (told you it was big for this year!) because this requires mad makeup skills, but wow!

Ageing Beauty

We are getting serious Game of Thrones vibes from this and we love it for that!

Bat Girl

LOVE LOVE LOVE this look from Jodie McDonald!


Can we all take a moment to appreciate that this is not only a great makeup look (that eyeshadow!) but also and unreal Halloween look!

Which look is your favourite?

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