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Our Favourite 90s Cult Classic Movies

Our Favourite 90s Cult Classic Movies

Veronica Murphy

They really don’t make movies like they used to anymore. Whether you’re having a duvet day by yourself, having the girls around for a sleepover, or just find yourself in the mood for a movie marathon, we got you covered. Here is a round-up of some of the best cult classic movies from the 90s that will be perfect for your next night in. Grab the popcorn and maltesers, let’s get stuck in!

Clueless – 1995

Starting off strong with the ultimate 90s cult classic movie, and one you can watch over and over without getting sick of. Released in 1995, the movie embodies everything iconically 90s. From the enviable wardrobe to Cher’s catchy ‘As if!’ tagline, it continues to grow in popularity despite being nearly 30 years old. The plot follows the lead character Cher Horowitz as she and her affluent friends navigate high school in LA. She, along with BFF Dionne, give new student, Tai, a makeover. They take her under their wings as she finds her feet in the LA lifestyle. The movie stars the late Brittany Murphy, and even a (very handsome) young Paul Rudd who makes his acting debut. It’s fun, light-hearted, and definitely one of the most timeless coming-of-age movies!

Father of the Bride – 1991

This is a classic go-to comedy for me! It stars Steve Martin (who currently plays alongside Selena Gomez in Only Murders in the Building), as he struggles to cope when his daughter Annie announces she is engaged. The film shows all the trials and tribulations of a father who feels like he is losing his little girl, as well as the hilarious family dynamics when planning a wedding. A movie that is full of laughs, especially when it comes to Martin Shorts’ character as the extravagant German wedding planner. Gold!

10 Things I Hate About You – 1999

A host of famous faces star in this teen rom-com which is a modern re-telling of Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew. In an attempt to find a loophole in her dad’s strict dating rule, high-school student Bianca convinces her cantankerous sister, Kat, to start dating the ‘bad boy’ Patrick, played by the legendary Heath Ledger. As with most teen movies, it’s an easy watch and has all the elements a rom-com should, but this one with a little more edge.  

She’s All That – 1999

When the school’s most popular boy gets cheated on, Zack makes a bet that he could turn even the geekiest of girls into a prom queen. This is where he finds art student Laney, who he inevitably ends up getting feelings for. You can probably guess how the story goes. The iconic prom scene and the soundtrack that goes along with this movie means She’s All That has earned its place amongst the best 90s rom-com movies. 

Drop Dead Gorgeous – 1999

This dark comedy didn’t earn its rights back when it was released in 1999, however in more recent years it has become a cult classic. At the time it seemed to be misunderstood and underrated, but as of late has come under more acclaim. The film takes aim at the stereotypes of American beauty pageant hopefuls, poking fun, and making one too many gimmicky jokes. It focuses on the rivalry between two contestants, Amber and Becky, and how out of control things get as the competition tightens. 

My Best Friends Wedding – 1997

A personal favourite! My Best Friends Wedding stars Julia Roberts as Julianne, who finds out her best friend and the man she has been in love with for many years, is about to marry another woman. Therefore, she plans to sabotage the wedding and attempt to win him back, as you do. Be warned, however, that this film doesn’t follow the stereotypical rom-com format. With many fun and light-hearted moments, (the I Say A Little Prayer scene), to the more somber emotions of regret and loss, this is one to really pull on those heartstrings!

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The Truman Show – 1998

Jim Carey stars as Truman Burbank who lives in the seemingly perfect land of Seahaven Island. As Truman goes about living his daily life, he is blissfully unaware that he is living in a fictional world. His entire life is being broadcast to the world as a reality TV show with millions of viewers.  Truman slowly begins to notice peculiarities in his life, and upon realising what is happening, he makes a plan to escape. The Truman Show is definitely one of Jim Carey’s best movies (in my humble opinion).

The 90s was full of iconic cult classic movies, some great, some terrible. One thing about them is they are all unapologetically 90s, and sometimes that is all you want in a movie. Some honorable mentions include Pretty Woman, The Talented Mr Ripley, and Romeo & Juliet. Let us know which 90s cult classic movies have made your favourites’ list in the comments!

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