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5 Books To Read About Palestine: Everything You Need To Know

5 Books To Read About Palestine: Everything You Need To Know

Yussra Benrabah

With news of Palestine circling most social media platforms it can be quite overwhelming with all the information being floating around. When hearing terms such as ethnic cleansing, zionism and boycott it is important to be informed in discussions such as these. In order to get a better grasp on the history of Palestine, here’s a list of books that will have you feeling more informed on what is going on in Palestine.

This book provides a historic account on what has been going on in Palestine and how the colonial powers talked about in this book still exist today. This includes a reliable and honest account of the dehumanisation and the oppression that Palestinian people have gone through and are still going through. This is a great unbiased read that will have you more informed on why there is still resistance going on to this day in Palestine. 

This quick read, only 220 pages long, looks at discussions between Chomsky and Pappe as they explain the movement and why it is vital for Palestine’s liberation. This book breaks down what has been effective in the past in terms of seeing change and what isn’t. Both these authors as Historians and Activists provide an informative and compelling argument to what we should be doing as individuals.

This book is a collection of Poems written by a Palestinian Poet and Author. The book was written in 2006 when Israel attacked Lebanon and Palestine and it is still relevant today. These Poems will have you reflecting and thinking back on for a long time after reading. This book can also be referred to as a diary due to Darwish’s entries on what is going on around him. 

This book is a collection of stories from Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon. As these people tell their stories, it opens up a new outlook on Palestine as you are able to read firsthand what Palestinian people have gone through. An eye-opening read that will have you educated and informed.

This book is a collection of interviews, essays and speeches in which Political Activist Angela Y. Davis notes and connects what these pieces of work have in common. This book is a focus on liberation and intersectionality with black feminism, Black lives matter and prison abolitionism for today’s struggles. This is a great read on ethnic minorities and their struggle to obtain any form of respect and equality.

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All these books give an account on what is happening in Palestine with examples, concepts and poetry to make you feel more informed on the current state of Palestine in the past and today. 

What other books would you recommend on Palestine?

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