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5 Lipstick Shades To Add To Your Makeup Collection This Summer

5 Lipstick Shades To Add To Your Makeup Collection This Summer

Róisín Lynch

We love a good summer makeup look! The icing on the cake of any killer makeup look? Lipstick of course! Dark toned lipsticks are always a great idea in the winter months. The summer however, is the perfect chance to change up your makeup collection and incorporate some new colours and tones. Here are 5 lipstick shades to add to your makeup collection this summer! 

Keep it peachy – Peach and Nectarine

Peach and nectarine shades are a great idea for summer. They are light and playful and add a nice pop of colour to any makeup look. A peach or nectarine lipstick shade will keep you feeling summery even on a rainy day. The perks of living in Ireland! 

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Feeling bold? Go for coral!

Summer makeup looks can still be bold and make a statement! How to create a bold makeup look? Get your hands on a coral lipstick. Coral lipsticks go well with most makeup looks, even minimal ones. Coral is great color to opt for throughout the summer as it is still colorful and adds a pop to your makeup looks at the same time as being a bold colour.

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Baby Pink

Add a pop of pink! A baby pink shade of lipstick looks gorgeous in the summer. It gives off a very summery energy. The tone is soft and elegant and is perfect for day time wear all summer long. 

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Brown Toned Nude

For any nude lovers out there! A brown toned nude goes lovely with a bronzed summer look. As simple a look as some foundation with bronzer mascara becomes a statement look when you at a brown toned nude. Unleash your inner bronzed goddess!

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Want to make a statement? Add some red!

Red is a great way of making a statement and adding some colour to your makeup looks during summer! Similar to coral shades, red makes a statement and works well with even the most minimal of makeup looks. A great choice if you are heading out to any parties or barbecues this summer!

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Get ready to turn heads all summer long!

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