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5 Things To Do To Have An Awesome 2020

5 Things To Do To Have An Awesome 2020

Team Missy

January seems to be full of that redundant “new year new me” mantra, which we’re not fans of.

We’re all for making some new resolutions and goals for the year ahead, but so long as they don’t involve mentally punishing yourself. Instead why not make some positive choices for the new year (and decade) ahead?

Here are 5 things to do to have an awesome 2020…we promise future you will be super grateful.

Prioritise Yourself

Now, we’re not suggesting that you totally disregard other people completely, but in 2020 try to look after yourself more. Take time for you. Stop chasing after people (especially friends) who don’t return your time and effort. Don’t feel the need to “keep up” with others. Do the things that make you happy in 2020.

Learn To Let Go

Whether it be a former relationship, a toxic friend, past mistakes or that time you felt that you totally mortified yourself that you just keep reliving, make 2020 the year that you let things go.

The past the past. It doesn’t do you any good to punish yourself and dwell over things that have already happened and that you can’t control or change. Instead learn from it and look to the new and exciting year ahead.

Make A New Friend

For a lot of people this can be easier said than done, but if you put in the effort it will be so worth it. Good people enrich your life and it’s always good to make new connections and relationships in life.

Try joining something new; like a gym class, drama society, book club or sport. Not only will you have a new skill or a hobby, you’ll be struggling to keep up with all of your new friends.

Read More

Ah reading, that thing we love to do but don’t ever seem to be able to find the time. Well, try make the time in 2020 to read as much as you possibly can.

See Also

Try set aside some time every evening or have a set number of pages to read everyday. You’d also be surprised how much you can cram in on the way to and from school.

We have lots of great book recommendations over in our book section. You can also sign up to reading challenges on Good Reads to keep yourself motivated and involve your family and friends.

Allow New Doors To Open

A lot of the time we want things to happen, but the we often don’t do anything to make it happen. It’s not a laziness thing, more often than not it’s a confidence thing or the sheer terror of opening yourself up to something new.

This year make a conscious effort to allow new things to happen. Say yes more, be the first person to say hello. You’ll be really surprised about all that great things that can happen if you’re willing to allow it.

Remember: 2020 will be what you make of it!

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